A declaration of love: In regards to Facebook declarations of love

Ha! A good one from the archives…Moral of the story- post whatever the hell you like on social media! 😉

Love your friendly neighborhood,
Blogging Mama

100 Words A Day

A few weeks ago I came across something on Facebook. It was an odd something, and I shook my head a bit when I saw it, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what about it bothered me.

It was a Meme that said something along the lines of, ‘A relationship that is constantly bragged about on Facebook, probably isn’t a good relationship.’ I know it wasn’t those exact words, but I’ve been searching Google images like crazy and I can’t find the exact quote anywhere.

Maybe, that’s because the creator of this Meme realized it’s total bullshit and took it down- saving innocent lovers from the heartbreak of thinking they’re assholes for proclaiming their love on this SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK.

Case in point:

Facebook is a social media outlet, therefore be prepared for social media. Such as people exclaiming how much they love their significant others.

Maybe I…

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