My Birth Story

You all know how much I love to hear and share people ‘s stories and Miranda’s here is a very special one. It is about the difficulties and fears she experienced with the birth of her son but in the end how she prevailed despite the trials. Miranda’s story is very inspiring and it will most definitely speak to mothers, caregivers and anyone wanting to overcome hardships in their life.

Please take a moment to pop by her site and read her work!


On November 11, 2014 I went into labor. I was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant so Joe and I were excited to welcome our son into the world. We went to the hospital nearby. I ended up laboring for 10 hours with the help of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) until I was 7cms dilated. At that point I asked for an epidural because of the discomfort I was experiencing. The anaesthesiologist administered the epidural which was surprisingly not as painful as I had imagined. I was in the care of Dr. 1 whom was working alongside a medical student that night. Around 8:30pm Dr. 1 decided I should start pushing. I couldn’t tell if I was pushing but was assured that I was progressing. I was starting to have major pain while still pressing the epidural button so I told Dr. 1 and I was told they would let…

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