Thoughts From Sophie on all Things Sandwich Related

  • “You know I’m kind of hungry…And I can’t stop thinking about SANDWICHES!!!”
  • “Mama did you hear me? My favorite thing in the world is SANDWICHES!”
  • “I could eat a sandwich for every meal…As long as it was a different one each time.”
  • “Ahhh Sandwiches…”
  • “…Maybe you could go make me a sandwich?”

“But it’s only 9 am Soph? Don’t you think that is a little early for sandwiches?

  • “It. Is. Never. Too. Early. For. Sandwiches.”
  • “Now my mouth is watering for a sandwich Mom…”
  • “I’m so excited you’re making me this sandwich. Make sure it’s a good one okay?”
  • “Thanks Mama, this is really what I needed this morning.”



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