Tell Your Tale- #003 Birthday Edition

I woke up this morning with one of the best ‘day of birth’ gifts anyone could have ever given me- words! And what’s even more exciting is that these specific words were written solely for me! (Yes, I can still be a little narcissistic at times…)

My sister-in-law and (not to mention) amazing friend, Ashley, had written me a post to blog on The Blogging Mama! What a truly superb lady! Just the thought of somebody writing about little ol’ me gets the warm and fuzzies just a brewing in the ol’ tum and I am feeling mighty awful loved right now.

So instead of me blabbing on and on and on and…Okay, okay,  here is the awesome guest post Ashley wrote for my 29th birthday!


She was born on a nipping cold January 11th afternoon… Central Alberta in the mid 80’s… So you know it was really cold. 12:34pm to be precise… That’s 1,2,3,4… Is your mind blown? 

Mine is!!!! 

Well well Lyndzee Rae, allow me to be the first to welcome you to 29! Scary isn’t it? I can distinctly remember as if it was yesterday- the two of us huddled together under a blanket topped tent, laying on the warmth of the bedroom floor, thinking of the day we would be grownups… We thought we would be so sophisticated didn’t we?


We assumed by then, we would be well beyond our mediocre dreams, only to be focusing in on new adult type things.


Kids? What are those? That wasn’t a part of our big plan… Something we never really thought of in our young and selfish 8 year old minds.
However, seeing you now Lindsay- you have nailed it girl. You are the epitome of success. Besides from travelling afar, as you once hoped, you still lived the lifestyle you expected your travel days to entail.


You’ve swam in deep oceans, hiked enchanted lands, met exotic people, and had your mind blown by a few REAL hippies throughout your journeys. You’ve hitchhiked. You’ve learnt what it is to be down on your luck (I’m one to know- I was right there beside you!)

 And you probably had some of the best independent times of your life in the slums this world has to offer. You’ve ruffed it. You’ve been on many an adventure. Thinking back, there were so many adventures we had just in our own back yards.

You’ve fulfilled your dream of becoming a writer. You even went as far as becoming, “columnist”, “author” and “blogger”. You have fans. You have been recognized for your work and you, yourself have been written about. Small as you may see it be, you have done what any writer should hope to accomplish; to be appreciated and recognized for your work. You’ve left an imprint on people. 

You have found your soul mate!!!! How many people can say the same? You’ve grown to be a loving wife, opening your once narcissistic self (I’m sorry for the harsh description, but let’s face it- you know it’s a good word for what you once were!) into a duo. I couldn’t be happier for the woman Jamie has helped shape you into.
You’ve given 2 amazing new lives to this world. Bizarre, I can’t even imagine life without those two precious souls. You’ve raised babies into children. They too have helped shape the woman you are today. What would your blog be worth without the “Mama” what would ‘Me Plus 3’ be without the 3? They are your inspiration, your models, and that is simply beautiful. The way you can just roll with it. You find beauty and craft out of everything that comes your way. You can tell a story and have people in tears of sadness and laughter. You have the ability to intrigue the mind and that is something you have taught yourself.

You’ve made the claim lately that 30 will be your year but I’m thinking 29 is looking mighty fine!!! You have accomplished so much these past few years between writing your first novel, to potty training 2 toddlers. (I’m still not sure what would be MORE difficult) you’ve taken advantage of every moment of spare time to work on your skills and talents. You’ve made over 4,000 meals for your kids… You’ve become quite the chef (well, slow cookerer).


You’ve overcome obstacles of humility, morality, self-acceptance and even loss. And you’ve learned something about yourself and the world through each of these bounds. 
So for your 29th, I wish you a day of reminiscence of your 20’s. To take a glance back on the road you have paved for yourself. To truly recognize the success you think you are still waiting for. Give yourself nothing but credit and sit back and absorb the fruition. 
30 will be good… It may even be GREAT, but don’t forget what 29 will have contributed to creating those perfect 30’s. 
You have been an amazing friend through our journey together. Your laugh alone has picked me up from some pretty dark places. You’ve cried with me, you’ve even cried for me. You’ve been there for so many important days in my life. You’ve been a crutch and a loving shoulder. You’ve been an open door, which I never thought I’d have again. This is the kind of friend you are. This is the kind of person you’ve always been and I’m so lucky to have had you throughout all these years. 

2014-08-23 21.15.38
I wrote this for your blog today to give your audience just a glimpse of the woman behind the blog- from a different person’s perspective. You’re a truly inspirational woman who knows what she wants in life. I wish I could be more like that. A person that has helped put my mind at ease when I’ve felt alone and trapped with my thoughts and given me a feeling of acceptance in my new world of motherhood.

Thank god for you, and thank god for the friendship I have been so lucky to have had throughout my life.

Happy birthday m’lady. I love you beyond any words. 

Your sister, friend, P.I.C. If you will,
Ashley Blackburn 


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