New Years At the Browns

I was imaging it would be a quiet and laid back celebration. Possibly involving copious amounts of wine by my lonesome because poor Husband unfortunately had to work the evening and early into the morning of 2015.

So I readied myself with a good book, a few glasses  bottles (who am I kidding) of wine and telling the children we were going to have a movie day.

Well somewhere between not being able to find a new flick on Netflix and coming to the sobering realization that I cannot start drinking at 2 pm I decided that we would have our own damn New Year’s party.



So we threw up some decorations- and by decorations I mean we created a pretty amaze-balls New Year’s sign.


We then got dressed in our finest duds and proceeded to the board-game portion of the afternoon.

Now I will admit that I loath the very essence that is board games but I figured that I will suck it up and play a celebratory game with my children.

It is New Year’s after all.


We realized as we were putting the Monopoly game away that there was indeed an English side on the reverse and all of that ‘guess work’ for the last hour had been for naught.


After the dreaded Monopoly game of 2014 (that’s what the event shall be called henceforth) we realized our bellies were beginning to rumble.

So the party crew and I whipped up some delightful New Year’s Eve grub.


‘Fancy’ doesn’t even begin to describe the elegance witnessed here this eve of 2014.

And then came the dessert…

Decadence, pure decadence.
Decadence, pure decadence.

And after we had our fill we danced until our legs fell weak beneath us!

IMG_1823 IMG_1822

I will admit things got a little out of control for a while there…




And the best part?


I still got some New Year’s smooches!

And after a great night of partying and fun- we settled down.

More than likely due to fall into dreamland long before the clock hit’s midnight.


But that is just fine by me-

Because it was still one of the best New Year’s party’s I’ve been to in quite some time.  

So from my family to yours,

Happy 2015! 


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