50 MORE reasons I love the shit out of you…

Dear Husband,

Once you sent me a meme that told me you loved the shit out of me…Oh wait here it is right here:


This prompted me to write you a post revealing the top 50 reasons I love the shit out of you. It was all sorts of adorable and sweet and if I do say so myself, I really got the point across that I do in fact love the freaking shit out of you.

But that was then and this is now and I have an overwhelming urge to conjure up yet another 50 more reasons I love the shit out of you.

So here they are babe…

I love the shit out of you because…

  1. You are super hip and cool and fresh.
  2. You will have understood that last reference.
  3. We are old-balls.
  4. We are old-balls together.
  5. You laugh at my corny jokes.
  6. I actually think your corny jokes are hilarious.
  7. You are the only other person who can safely make fun of Lars and Sophie without risking a punch to the throat.
  8. You are cool with it when I dress our kid up like this…006
  9. Or this…soph
  10. Or when I sometimes dress like this…320767_10150416794551068_2019810557_n
  11. You don’t get mad when I tell you I will plug your car in in the morning and then I forget and you nearly are late for work because your damn car won’t start. You just laugh and make fun of me about it.
  12. You have allowed me to be such a high maintenance wife that we have had 3 separate wedding celebrations and two anniversary dates. Spoiled? Nah I’m pretty sure everyone does this sort of thing.
  13. You didn’t get mad that one time I was shaving your head and on total accident I shaved a line right down the side of your scalp…Sorry again about that- that definitely took a while to ‘buff itself out’.
  14. “Fish, and plankton. And sea greens, and protein from the sea. It’s all here, ready. Fresh as harvest day. Fish and sea greens, plankton and protein from the sea. And then it stopped coming. And they came instead. So I store them here. I’m ready. And you’re ready. It’s my job. To freeze you. Protein, plankton…” -Box
  15. We made the most beautiful (albeit sometimes annoying) kids on the face of this earth.
  16. You are super awesome sexy…Yep, I said it.
  17. You brainstorm with me when I have writers block.
  18. No Jamie I’m not going to write erotic fan fiction…
  19. You tell your co-workers not to go looking around in the external hard drive you lent them because your wife’s erotic short stories are saved on there.
  20. …you convinced me to write some erotic fan fiction.
  21. I realized I’m actually kind of good at writing in that kind of genre.
  22. You challenge me.
  23. I secretly wish I could be as cool of a person as you. Don’t tell anyone that though.
  24. You are utterly genuine.
  25. You are unaffected by today’s bullshit. (that is one of the biggies of why I love the shit out of you)
  26. “That’s when you know you’ve found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.” -Mia Wallace
  27. I kind of like looking after you when you are being a sick little baby from the dreaded man cold. You’re adorable when you are so sick like that.
  28. Drunk Jamie…That one is never going to change. He is outlandish and unusual and very very fun. But with that said- I’m glad he only accosts me once in a while.
  29. Drunk Lindsay is sometimes not fun and adorable like Drunk Jamie. And yet in the uncommon occurrence she comes out you still manage to look after her. Thank you.
  30. Even when we are mad…We’re not really really mad. We are just ‘I’m feeling like I want to fight but I can’t start throwing punches at my spouse so I will just sulk for a little bit’ kind of mad. And then within a few hours one of us gives in. Usually you. Because you are nicer than me.
  31. You are a way nicer person than I am. Whatever.
  32. You make me a better person. However lame that sounds, it’s true.
  33. We once made fun of the couples on Facebook who professed their love to one another…And now we are that couple.
  34. Pretty soon we are going to start using the term YOLO- or is that not in anymore?
  35. You are super awesome sexy…Did I already say that? Well double that.
  36. You are sweet.
  37. You are tolerant of me using our children’s baby pics to create hilarious memes…dtxng
  38. You write me love notes when I least expect them. img_11251
  39. “Weena!!”
  40. You open doors for me and pull out my chair at dinner. You are a true gentleman.
  41. The way you put the kids to bed without a moment’s hesitation when you see that I am captivated in one of my shows.
  42. Your understanding that I am a writer. And being married to a writer is a slippery slope or extreme mood swings and mental peculiarity- you’ve taken to it amazingly.
  43. You work so hard to provide everything our children need.
  44. Our children are your priority. You are an amazing father.
  45. Having to write this post has totally distracted me from working out.
  46. How you don’t tease me (too much) when you catch me taking selfies…Like all of the time.
  47. Our kids have totally inherited your uniqueness. 10712975_10152706206531068_5897407806186583241_n
  1. Butch:I think I cracked a rib.
    Fabienne: Giving me oral pleasure?
    Butch: No, retard, from the fight.
  2. Your charming good looks.

And the 50th reason I love the shit out of you Jamie is because no matter what the situation you can and always will be able to make me smile.



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