5 ways to thank someone authentically this holiday season

Okay let’s face it, the holidays are chalk full of awkwardness if you are one of those ungracious gift receivers. These people are everywhere, hell if you aren’t one of them I’m sure you know like 20. They’re the people who receive a gift, look at it for 20 seconds straight (which is a damn long time in that specific moment) and then uncomfortably look up to no one in particular and mumble a quiet thank-you. All the while sporting their tomato red face from all of the attention being unintentionally put on them. And in the end we cannot even blame these individuals for their terrible thanking skills because they simply were never taught the proper way to be thankful for something…Or maybe they were and it just never stuck…Or maybe it is simply a deep seeded disability in certain human beings. Who knows what it is…But regardless The Blogging Mama has the answer!

So without further ado I give you 5 ways to thank someone authentically this holiday season.

! ) The Distant ‘Thank You’ This is for those relatives that sent gifts through the mail. A thank you note is always nice, but even nicer is a picture of you enjoying the gift they have given. Say it is a toque, as Dora would say, “Click, click- take a pic…” and capture that lovely moment of you popping on that irregular shaped piece of awesomeness that great Aunt Gertie hand knitted for you. She will love the visual and feel honored that you took the time to send her a photo.

@) The old school ‘Thank you’ Anyone over the age of 30 is going to appreciate this thank you. Keep a running log of the gifts you receive and even if you say thank-you at the actual moment of delivery also take the time to handwrite a thank you note a few days later. This shows your thanks are genuine and heartfelt. It is a gesture that doesn’t take long but will hold true in the hearts of givers everywhere. Be a thankful recipient this holiday season and send a handwritten note of appreciation. It will be….noted.

#) The past tense ‘Thank you’- This thanking corresponds with #@ and when hand writing your thank you note make sure to mention the gift by name. This shows your gift-giver that you are not just shooting out a thousand thank you notes all willy nilly- but truly taking the time to notice the thought that was put into each gift that was given. A due-diligent receiver is a grateful receiver.

$) The explanatory ‘Thank you’- Thankfully this thanks you can use in any of the ! through % ways to thank. (I will be amazed if you understood that last sentence.) In any case, these thanks are where you incorporate how you will use the gift in question. Say you receive a fancy new corkscrew from your best friend. You could say, “Thank you so much best friend for noting my excessive drinking habits and providing me with an even quicker and easier way of accessing my beverage of choice.” Simple yet straightforward- allowing your gift-giver to genuinely know that her gift will be used in abundance.

%) And finally the dreaded, Large Crowd ‘Thank you’- This is the thank you that all ill-at-ease thankers fear. It occurs at the annual staff Christmas party or large family get-togethers. Times when large groups of people will watch the receiver open the present and gage their reaction accordingly. I can understand why some people freeze in such circumstances; the pressure is completely and utterly on. What if you don’t like it? Do you lie? What if you already have one? What if you can blatantly tell that it is a re-gift?  What if you think it is so undeniably hideous that the mere sight of it produces a natural gag reflex and there you are trying to suppress the impulse to puke all over the gift you have just been given. Not to mention whilst the lingering eyes of your friends and family wait judgingly for your reaction.

Well my friends learn to lie. This is all in the game of gift giver-y and gift receiver-y.  Look that gift giver straight in the face and say, “Thank you Gift-Giver I love this double headed back massager from the Dollerama and I will use it in ways you can never even begin to imagine.”

So there you have it 5 ways to thank someone authentically this holiday season. Next time you are faced with an awkward thanking situation remember these notes.

And may you never be thankless again!!!


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