A Birthday Wish For Dustin…

Once again my brother Dustin’s birthday has rolled around. Rather than writing an entirely new post that will say all of the same things that I have wrote in years past to him I am going to be lazy and re-post last years post, it literally says it all! Happy Birthday D- love ya man!

100 Words A Day

Dear Brother,
Remember that time I locked you in the outhouse with the stench of poo wafting into your 7 year old nostrils? For like 2 consecutive hours…I’m sorry.
Do you recall all those times I would feign crying so you would hang out with me and let me play your Pokémon stadium game on the Nintendo 64…Yes, I was faking it to make you feel bad for me, if you hadn’t already figured that out.
Bro, do you recollect the moments late at night where my friends and I would sneak into your room and draw penises on your face and ask you in your sleep what I was getting for Christmas? We did this because we knew you would tell, since you’re a strange sleep talker like that. Well you probably don’t remember that one…As you were sleeping and all.
Oh brother, how many odd and unusual memories we have…

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