6 outstanding lessons my 6 year old has taught me

My life had begun to change from the day I discovered two thin pink lines on a drugstore pregnancy test. At first I thought I was somehow doomed. I didn’t want babies, I had never wanted babies. But there I was sitting on a cold toilet in an empty house just staring back at those lines that had all too soon shaped my imminent future.

I was sort of young and Jamie was actually young. We had only just started dating and there were too many X factors to move forwards with this pregnancy with blind optimism. So instead we simply kept on. But as each month surpassed the last we found ourselves anticipating ‘the little bean’ more. And the more obstacles we overcame our positivity began to flourish as well.

Lars taught me a lesson on the day he was born. He taught me about a kind of happiness I could never have known if not for him. He taught me about loving something more than myself- and how that is an exceptionally beautiful thing.

And from that day on the boy has taught me many wonderful things. Many more than the mere six I have wrote here today- but a Mama has to keep some things to herself right?!

6 outstanding lessons my 6 year old has taught me:

  • That you do not have to be old to be wise- in the last 6 years there has been many a time when my son busts out a turn of phrase or wisecrack that makes me laugh or just sit back and think. He is one in a million- and everyday I feel so grateful to spend everyday with the little man.
  • Patience- but anyone who is a mother can understand this learning lesson! He has also taught me patience in a different way however. He has taught me to appreciate the here and now. To be present in the present-day because it flies by very quickly.
  • Empathy- Lars has taught me to look past the tip of my own nose. This is not from raising a child and having to put someone else’s needs before mine. No, this is from watching Lars as an example. He has a generous and caring soul that he wears on his sleeve. He readily gives compliments to people of all ages without having to be asked. He loves new born babies and is always there to lend a hand if you need him. I am not ashamed to say that there are several genuine qualities in my 6 year old that I strive to exhibit every day.
  • Persistence: Lars has taught me on more than one account that it is okay to try try again. As frustrated as he gets with things he will always get up and try it again.
  • How beautiful friendship is: Each time I see the elation in my son’s eyes when going to a playdate or having a little friend of his come over it makes me smile. Nowadays a coffee date or good phone conversation with a pal just seems like the norm. But seeing the utter excitement in a child’s eyes over their friendships makes me realize how important friendship actually is.
  • And finally one of the most important lessons, how strong a mother’s love actually is.

Happy Birthday Lars we love you!




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