Parenthood Wants You!

Just thought I would do some recycling today and re-post this one I wrote about a year ago! Enjoy 🙂

100 Words A Day

Has the dullness of life caught up to you? Are you feeling the angst of boredom and the dreariness of everyday existence? Do you feign for something further…Something to put you on the map?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, come on down to the One Stop Shop of (Drum roll please)


With Parenthood, you can expect a lifetime filled with excitement!

This excitement includes remarkable opportunities such as; The Plight of Pregnancy, followed by the oh so debonair adventure of childbirth, as well as sleepless nights…And if that wasn’t enough, the toddler years are sure to suffice!

The most astonishing part of Parenthood is that no education is required to participate. Whether you have spent hours upon hours researching this endeavour….


Or you had a one night stand and forgot to protect your property…


Parenthood could be waiting just around the corner.


By means…

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