Tiny, Glowing Screen

Finally!!! A good friend of mine who has recently guest posted on The Blogging mama has started her own blog!! I highly reccomend that you swing over and check her out- she is a very talented writer with some awesome stories to tell! Congrats Bailey- I can’t wait to read more!

Traveling with Hogwarts

One of the greatest and worst inventions of our time is Facebook. I have friends that are addicted to it, some that refuse to get it, and still more that get it but never use it (I’m looking at you Daniel). When I was in school it was a procrastination tool, but now that I am traveling and on an eight-hour time difference from my friends, my family, and my life, I find myself using it differently. It is a lifeline to my ‘old life’. I use it to watch you all experience your lives. I know it comes across as a little creepy, but let me explain.

I use it to keep in the loop with weather, politics and other news pertaining to my province and my country. I can know when the first snow falls, and I can include all my loved ones in my prayers for safe…

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