This post is my virtual way of happy dancing

Guess what friends!? We are up to 938 readers on The Blogging Mama- WOW!

I feel so grateful that you all have continued to read and share my stories and am very excited for our new adventures in guest posting together.

 Again please feel free to send me your tales as I would love to share them on the blog!

Sometime ago I had wagered that if I could attain 1000 readers on the blog I would make it my quest to get Ellen DeGeneres to share The Blogging Mama on her Facebook page, because really, how cool would that be!!!!

Here is my original post on that to clarify- and to brag about the super nifty name I have for said quest. 

So here we are 62 readers (no I did not have to use a calculator to retrieve that number…) away from me setting out on this honored pursuit! And boy howdy am I excited 🙂

So what I am here asking now is for you to share The Blogging Mama Faceboook page, your favorite posts or even bust out some good ol`word of mouth for yours truly. Hopefully soon we can reach the goal of 1000 readers and the rest will be blogging history!

I really can`t thank you guys enough for reading, liking and sharing all of the real and sometimes weirdly imagined things that I conjure up in my head…It makes me wonder what is wrong with you all 😉

But you still totally rock my world guys- Thanks for everything.



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