The Thing About Feminism…

So there I am scrolling through Facebook with coffee in hand pondering all of the wondrous things I can do with my life in this day and age, when something out of the corner of my eye hits me like a cannonball strait to the uterus.

There on my newsfeed is a status saying that ‘feminists’ should be careful because they are getting a bad name for themselves. That anyone who identifies themselves as a feminist is more than likely a man-loathing ninja that will definitely be the downfall of civilization itself.

I must admit I’m paraphrasing now. I am paraphrasing in a major way because in reality just after skimming over this status, I shut off my computer, ran outside and ripped off the bra I was wearing! I leapt on top of my car and began burning the thing while waving it angrily in the air above my head so the entire neighborhood could understand my cause.

I then began talking in tongues about my dreams of women rising up and conquering the world.

Just after my magnificent tirade I went into my home to begin homeschooling my daughter because she is woman and deserves the best kind of education (that only I, a feminist woman) can provide. In this astonishing tutoring lesson I trained the girl to think of herself as being better than ANYONE of the opposite sex and to never, absolutely NEVER use the word equality when referring to feminism- that would just be stupid. I also implied that she should forget everything that every woman in history had ever done to help us achieve the rights we have today. Because clearly those women only wanted equality and obviously us real feminists (the man-hating ninjas) know what feminism really is…An extremist act to kill most men and keep only a few for reproduction. Meanwhile we create a perfect lesbian world of awesomeness and super smart fem-bots.

I ended my superbly feminist day by chopping a few dicks off while on my way to the evil lair where me and all of my other fem-friends get together every night. There, we talked about how dumb make-up is and also strategized on how to take over the world.

All in all it was a good day to be a feminist.

Okay seriously people? First of all if you believe that this is even remotely what feminist’s get up to on a daily basis I really think you need to check yourself.

And if you think I am overreacting then think again.

The word feminism has gotten so skewed over the years there are actually people out there who believe  it is a bad thing- that have gone so far to call it an evil thing! There are Anti-feminism Facebook groups forming as we speak- what has happened to our world?

I didn’t realize that having the ability to drive motorized vehicles, vote, and even express my opinions on public forums such as blogging were evil but maybe that’s because I’m no real feminist over here.

I will be the first to admit that, yes like all ideals, there are people who take it too far. The extremists! The weirdoes who stretch it that extra mile and ruin the beauty of it for everyone who is too lazy to look into it themselves. Not to mention the assholes who wiki that shit and change the definition completely!

Feminism is an act of equality- plain and simple.  It is the hope that one day women and men will be viewed as equals. And although we have come an insurmountable distance thus far- we still have a long way to go.

Feminism is the path to abolishing heinous terms like, ‘he throws like a chick, what a bitch’ or ‘she only got into that position because she used the vagina card.’

Every time a saying like this is spewed the ideal of equality slips a little further away from us.  In laymen’s terms for those of you who still believe that feminists are castrating behemoths- each time a derogatory sentence is flung at a woman an equality fairy loses its wings.

But Lindsay, Lindsay what about terms like equalitarianism? Shouldn’t we just use that and forget about feminism altogether? I can already hear the rebuttals from beyond the screen.

Yes I suppose that would be a fine way to think of it- as long as you don’t mind giving all of the brave women who fought for your rights throughout history a swift kick in the face. Yeah sure go right ahead and completely forget about feminism and where it originated from. Forget about the brave women who died for our right to vote. Or the female pioneers who were imprisoned numerous times for fighting to legalize birth control- something I’m sure all of the anti-feminists have used at least once. And the list goes on and on of what the feminists of yesterday have done to ensure our security today.

You see the way I look at it- I don’t want to throw away the word feminism and neither should you.

Whether you are a woman who loves to stay at home with the babes or go out to make a 6 digit income, or somewhere in between- the point is the choice is yours and you have feminism to thank for that. That, is what feminism is.

Over the years a few nut-job radicals gave feminism a bad name but how about, in this age of information, instead of recoiling at the 4 syllable word, research it. Let’s work together in bringing positivity back to the word feminism.

It makes no difference if you love men or women or both! It doesn’t even matter if you are a woman! Get this- men, even the manliest of men can be feminists too! As long as you believe in the equality of the sexes then go forth and prosper my friends.

Call yourself a feminist and be proud of that fact! The true ideals of feminism are not looking to belittle, disparage or ridicule anyone.

Despite popular belief, we are just looking for equality.

Here see for yourself when you check out a few of these wondrous links on the history and modernism of feminism.

Remember friends, knowledge is power!

(Seriously watch the video- she is AMAZING!)


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