Embrace the good things…They only come once in a while.

From the time the kids were wee babes Jamie and I have drove older vehicles. Some may refer to them as beaters, beasts, or even pieces of crap (whilst booting the wheel well over and over again because the damn thing broke down for the fifth time that month).

But who’s keeping track right?

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful and I’m not. For the most part these ‘beaters’ have continued to get us to our intended location…

Well except for that time we were driving down the highway and the power steering went due to the serpentine belt busting. Or that other time that I never did make it to work because the car mysteriously forgot how to start its engine.

And then there was all of the minor problems we just simply learned to live with. Like only having one headlight. No the answer was not a simple headlight swap, of course it couldn’t be that easy! It was an error in the control module, this is what I was told at least, and the problem would cost us well over what the van in question was worth. Ever since, we have opted to limit our driving to the daylight hours.

We have learnt to live without passenger side mirrors, windows that roll down and a working radio. The latter is probably the worst since I have nothing to drown out the children’s incessant whining with.

And in turn we have learned to live with funky smells wafting in through the heat vents. Odd and eerie noises when turning the wheel too sharp or slamming on the brakes. We have also come to terms with the unnerving reality that at any moment that two ton piece of metal and iron we are hurling down the road could easily fall to pieces.

But we do what we have to to get from A to B.

It was just recently that husband and I were looking at our financials and came to the invigorating conclusion that we were indeed in the market for a new vehicle. Well, a newer vehicle at least.

So we began our hunt where else? Yes you guessed it, Kijiji. Unfortunately James and I are not big car people and looking at vehicles did not prove easy over a computer screen. I don’t remember the last time we had argued so vehemently with each other. It only made matters worse that we were bickering about what the nicer color between orange and blue is for a car. Or how tall the actual SUV must be in real life. In all honesty the kids probably were thinking their folks had finally gone off the deep end into wacky-land.

So we decided for the sake of our marriage to go into the dealership and look around in person.

And boy howdy I’m glad we did! For two people who were bound and determined to buy privately we had the best experience at the dealership. Our salesman Kevin was spectacular! We were initially looking at a more expensive vehicle but he directed us to a Chevy Equinox that was considerably cheaper and it fit our needs as a family better.

Once we decided to take the plunge and buy the beaut I got to ring the bell that was located in the middle of the store. Everybody looked and clapped and smiled and I was in my absolute glory being the center of attention with all those strangers- even if it was only for a few seconds.

And the aftermath of purchasing my Equinox has been pretty glorious too! Yes this is our first time buying a vehicle and yes we are currently thousands of dollars in debt with car payments…But you know what? Totally worth it.

As I am driving down the road listening to my tunes that are cranked to the max, rolling up and down the windows as I please and smelling nothing but new car smell I think about how fortunate our family is. We are fortunate for our health and happiness foremost but also for how much we as a family unit have evolved in our 6 years together.

We have worked hard to receive the good things in life. The things we can enjoy together. And that I guess is what life is all about.

So next time you see a family cruising around in a Chevy Equinox looking insanely overjoyed to be driving safely down the road, give them a wave.

It may just be my family and we may just be busting out to some Journey…Just because we can.



3 thoughts on “Embrace the good things…They only come once in a while.

  1. I so identify with this post

    I’m guessing ‘beaters’ are what we in the UK call ‘run-arounds’ – rusty pieces of crap long past their best days, with multiple mechanical faults, barely legal to be on the road, and cars you would certainly not trust to get you to your destination if it was a distance away but OK for short trips, e.g., the school run or trips to the local store for liquorgroceries

    when my second wife and I got together, we carried a hammer in our car to give the starter motor a whack when the ignition key wouldn’t turn the engine over 😆

    we then ‘moved up’ to a car that started OK but whose windscreen wiper motor didn’t – so when it rained we tied two pieces of string tied to the wiper blade, with the ends feeding through the driver and the front passenger’s side windows and took turns pulling the blade in one direction or the other

    this worked, after a fashion, but it wasn’t very efficient – cos if only one of us was in the car when it rained then we were f*cked !

    then one day we had saved enough to ‘upgrade’ to a car with working wiper blades and an engine that started without needing to be hit with a hammer

    I can still remember the euphoria of that purchase

    to celebrate we had at last a ‘proper’ car, we decided to take the kids (and one of their mates) and our german shepherd dog for a two week stay at a holiday camp 300 miles from our home

    we were within 1/2 mile of the camp when the car came to a shuddering halt and we had to push the bloody thing the rest of the way

    Ggrrrrr !

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