Passing Notes

So I’m getting old, there I’ve admitted it! And with age often comes forgetfulness. As of late I’ve been writing little notes to myself and leaving them in various places around the house to remind me of chores I need to get done or grocery items that need picking up.

Last night I wrote myself a note saying “Show and Tell” as I didn’t want to forget to remind Lars in the morning to pick a toy to bring to school for show and tell. I stuck the note on his backpack that was hanging in the closet so I surely wouldn’t miss it in the groggy hours of morning.

I went to bed shortly after and didn’t have another thought about my note.

When I woke up I found that my husband had oh so lovingly added to this impromptu note of mine…Really capturing a truly hidden (even to me, the writer) message.

Talk about reading between the lines.



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