They call him Dad

He told you that you’re strong and beautiful. He said all of the things you wanted to hear in that excruciating moment and yet still felt saddened that he could not take your pain away. He held your hand, stroked your back, and kissed your forehead while whispering his love for you and your unborn child.

And after an eternity, you had your baby.

You had thought of yourself as Mom from the first faint fluttering’s in your belly so many months ago. You connected instantly with that baby and grew that bond for nine months while nurturing him from within.

His father did not get that opportunity.

He could not feel that beautiful life that grew inside you, but instead worried endlessly about what kind of a Dad he would become. He did not find relief in ‘counting kicks’ during the daytime hours but rather found himself nerve-racked over the wellbeing of his unborn babe.

So when you saw him standing beside you in that meager hospital room, with his baby bundled neatly in his arms- the way he stood so tall, the way his pride swelled, you realized you were witnessing in him the same feeling you had been experiencing for months now. And this was the moment the father of your children truly became Dad.

From that point on this man they call Daddy, continues to surprise you.

Sometimes you wonder why you were so lucky to receive such an outstanding person to father your kids. A man that will sprawl out on his daughter’s bedroom floor to play princesses and ponies. A man that can build a train track or a tower better than anyone you’ve ever met. A man that finds joy in teaching his children about anything they may ask of him. A man that is kind and intelligent and thoughtful and unselfish, and will pass these qualities onto your offspring.

You don’t know why you were blessed to meet this person who would later become the father of your children. This person who has helped and will continue to help shape your children for the rest of your lives!

This person who will sometimes work 12 hour days to assure his family is healthy and happy. This person whose face lights up when entering a room that holds his kids and openly talks about the ultimate love he has for these special little humans in his life.

Every day you see small moments revealing why he is such an outstanding father. Whether it be sneaking into the children’s rooms when coming in from work, long after they have fallen asleep to give them a hug and a kiss. Or when you catch him telling his friends a story about what his daughter did ‘the other day’ but as he laughs you can see the absolute love in his eyes as he speaks of her.

When he says things like, “You guys get over here and give me a cuddle! I don’t get to hang out with you nearly enough.” Even though he spends almost every waking moment he can with his babes.

There has been many a day when you feel overlooked, neglected, and ignored as Mom. You sometimes feel sorry for yourself and think you deserve more credit for what you do. And most likely you are right!

But today you realize there is someone else who also does not receive credit where credit is due- while never complaining once about it.

He keeps his family happy, and propels them forward. He thinks of them before himself. He is understanding even when angry and will try fervently to ‘fix’ any problem that faces a member of his brood. He is a protector, a defender, a warden and a bodyguard. He knows what unconditional love is and practices it daily.

His name to them is Dad, and he is simply amazing.



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