We Are So Much More

We may not be warriors but we wear a suit of armour

Made of sweet smiles and selective hearing

To guard against moments of hasty jeering

Peering eyes have chastised us by

Quietly saying all the things we are doing wrong as ‘Mom’

They try to shred us apart, one mishap at a time

But what once would scathe us, now we scoff

And slides off the shield we grew when becoming Mom


We may not be soldiers but we strategize like a son of a bitch

We can fix a wound with a Band-Aid and a light kiss

Fold laundry, make dinner, and plan a holiday all simultaneously

We make time for coffee and friendships

Wield households and chaperone field-trips

We oversee homework and chores

While acting as the mediator in the sibling wars

And we were not born, with this super human ability to multitask

No it just unmasked like an atomic bomb-

When we became Mom


We may not be fighters but our strength exceeds

Far past what you may see

We have housed human beings inside our bellies,

Ripped our vagina’s open to receive them

Or had a knife cut clean through our abdominal cavity

And yet still came out of it smiling.

Rivalling with each other over who had the most gruesome time delivering

And our hearts swell when we think of these little beings

That forced us to find the fight to free them instinctively.

Because we are Mom.


We may not be famous artists, but we teach our kids

It’s smartest, to color outside of the lines

We are the destroyers of boogeymen and things that go bump in the night

We fight all that’s wrong and edify all that’s right

This thing called love, we have it down to an art

And we know that this is the part- we were always meant to play

I say, we are the architects for this upcoming generation

A vocation filled with fascination, creation and stimulation.

An occupation worthy of jubilation!

We are the draftswomen for visions of the future

We are the producers of the good and virtuous

And we are courteous in our purposes

Never boasting of our worthiness


So you see for all the things we may not be, we are so much more.









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