A Letter of Love to my Husband

My Dearest Jamie,

You have been away for only half a fortnight and yet my heart soars with the thought of your arrival home this eve.

The trials of angst I’ve suffered since your departure have been lengthy and I yearn for your sweet embrace. Upon your leave, thoughts of grandeur hung listlessly in my mind as I assumed your absence would be an easy weight to bear seeing as how I would only be 10 days in your lack.

Oh how I was wrong my darling.

The first five days were sufferable as the children and I spent the time supping with my parents, however thoughts of you continued to sully my mind. And it was not until our daughter fell ill on the fifth day that I realized my folly in thinking your excursion would be an easy thing to endure.

Mother is keeping the boy as a temporary charge while I attempt to nurse the girl back to health. I suppose in a way it is a good thing that I’ve been kept so busy with fostering wellbeing into our daughter as I have had little time to dwell on your nonattendance. Yet as always your image dances lightly in the back of my mind and this I can assure you is no jest. 

Again as I write this note, my heart skips several beats when I think of your coming home. I have begun cleansing this place yet my efforts have been for naught. Each time I scour the carpets to an acceptable state the girl sullies them again with another bought of vomit. I fear the stench has lingered.

On the day preceding this, I stubbed my toe in a hurried state. It hurt like a bitch but I had no time to feel the pain and instead suffered through it. Today I fear I’ve broken the bone. The toe in question has swelled and turned the color of an eggplant’s skin. The injury, although painful, has not festered and for that I am thankful.

The nights have been long without you dear Jamie, and I fear sleep has not come easily deprived of you by my side. I will roll over in my sleepy state to spoon you in the wee hours of the morning only to find a three year old in your stead. This I concede does not suffice when looking for a strong body for warmth and security in the midnight hours. And I distress to tell you that here too, on your side of the bedstead, she has retched…Again the pong of it is unrelenting.

Our son returns home today in anticipation of your arrival and I have much do to for the event as well.

Despite the hardships that have befallen me in your absenteeism I have learnt some valuable lessons- first of which is that you and I James Alexander Jefferson Brown beat from a heart of one. Being apart from you has shown me the lengths in which my love for you wheels and how life would be indolent without you.

Two- I have learnt that vomit is the wretchedness that steals life from the soul and how utterly god awful it is to remove it remnants from the homestead. It loiters with an uneasy prowess.  

And finally three- too much reading of ‘Game of Thrones’ will result in outlandish letters of love and loss from yours truly and the innate knowledge that I may need to take leave from the series in question as I have begun speaking aloud in such dialect.

I hope your travels from across the pond find you safely home and if you hadn’t realized I wholly look forward to seeing your handsome face once more.

Until this beautiful eve my dear husband and with loving thoughts,

Your awaiting wife,



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