The 2nd annual Boozy Tea Party

I’m listing to Clapton right now with a glass of wine in hand and feeling disgustingly nostalgic.

As I was surrounded by my oldest friends who at one time were the best group of party girls a gal could ask for it made me chuckle inwardly as we sat and sipped politely on champagne and orange juice and talked about our children.

The 2nd annual Boozy Tea Party was a hit. And this time I didn’t even get stressed out in the preparation of the event.  The Boozy Tea Party is a young tradition that I’ve started where on Mothers Day I put on a nice brunch for all the Mama’s in my life.

Check out the First Boozy Tea Party Here. 

Needless to say this event went a lot smoother than the last.

IMG_0650 IMG_0651

Keep Calm & Drink On

 It occurred to me later that this must be the key to having a hitch free event…Just get plastered- this way you simply don’t notice or care about the hitches.


Not to mention who could be stressed with all of these lovely faces around…

IMG_0648 IMG_0643 IMG_0641


In the days leading up to the brunch I had several people ask me why I go to so much trouble for this Mother’s Day event I’ve created, since I am a mother too and should be relaxing. In answer I would shrug and say, “well, I just like doing this kind of thing”.

But as I sit here tonight…With a palpable buzz on (which really gets the ‘ol cogs a turning in the brain) I realized that what it really is, is that I love being able to provide this one small gift for the women in my life.

We talk daily, weekly, monthly about our struggles and triumphs while being Mom. We rely on each other for quick tips in raising kids- although we hardly ever use them. We cry on each others shoulders and brazenly brag about our little ones achievements.

Our own moms having gone through all of it before tell us that “it’s just a phase” or “I remember when you did that…” to provide comfort when we are feeling defeated. They raised us into the awesome moms and women we are today.

Our moms are the reason we are so truly remarkable.

And how absolutely wonderful it is to have a day where we can be celebrated for the beautiful job that we strive at each day.  And how lovely it feels to be the person who puts something together so we can all share in the festivities as one.

Mom and Mumma-in-law were showered with flowers, while getting to enjoy the grand-babies. And the all of the ladies, who I once never imagined I would refer to as ladies, got to enjoy a relaxing mid day of chit chat and toddler play ( it possibly wasn’t as relaxing as I am remembering it to be). Regardless we shared in laughs and memories, hopes for the future and happiness.

And when it all comes down to it, I couldn’t imagine a better gift to come to fruition on this wondrous day.  I highly recommend beginning a Boozy Tea Party tradition of your own!

Thank you to all of the ladies who joined me today on the 2nd annual Boozy Tea Party. 



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