It All Begins Here

Recently I enrolled my Lars in Kindergarten.

And with this upcoming milestone I have began daydreaming about what the beginning of his school life will bring in regards to the boys future. Lately I find myself fantasizing about what my little man will become in his adult years…

Maybe he will love academics,



and choose to fill his mind with all the knowledge he can muster.




Or possibly he will find a passion for music and become a great musician.



Filling the ears of millions with his sweet sweet harmonious sounds.




Perhaps my boy will be driven by courage and serve as a firefighter. 



Saving lives and homes from devastation. 



Maybe he will be interested in agriculture!




The possibilities are endless and I just love to imagine what he could be. In fact today I was so wrapped up in my musing that I misread the notice that was sent to me from his soon-to-be school about the kindergarten orientation that was tonight. For some reason instead of seeing that it began at 6 and ended at 7, I read it to say it began at 7. 

So as Husband, Lars, Sophie and I strolled on up to the school at 7 o’clock this evening (at 7 o’clock on the dot) and I saw all of the other parents leaving all my previous daydreaming seemed to be in vain.

I had missed Lars’ orientation. Lars had missed his own orientation! Negativity swarmed me, and I couldn’t help but see all of my fervent dreams falling into a black pit of doom. What if this was only the beginning?! What if missing this event is the factor that defines the rest of his academic life? AND IT WAS ALL MY FAULT- I HAD THE WRONG TIME!

Horrible visions swept through my mind as I shuffled home holding my sons hand.

Academic Lars turned into disheveled Lars.

006 009

Musician Lars turned into downcast Lars.

039 011

Firefighter Lars turned into a downtrodden juice box sluggin’ Lars!

018 012

And you don’t even want to know what Agricultural Lars turned into!

Oh how the guilt of my blunder had taken me over. I apologized to Jamie who I had earlier made a point to tell HAD to go to this with us. I apologized to Sophie who did not want to walk the block to the school as it was “Fweezin’ cold out” and of course I apologized to Lars who I felt most sorely for as I was sure I had let him down.

But once again my 5 year old little man surprised me, like only he can.

“It’s okay Mom, we all make mistakes sometimes. Don’t feel bad.” Followed by one of the best hugs ever!

It was then that all of my worries about Lars’ future flitted away, because I was suddenly hit with that awesome and oh so blatant reality that these children of mine and Jamie’s are simply wonderful and  one missed event will not ruin my boy…Although next time I will be sure to double check the times!




4 thoughts on “It All Begins Here

  1. I wanna come squish him. Too cute. I love the photo series… he must have mass amounts of patience. I can barely get Josie to look at the camera when I take her picture.


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