One Simple Step to Happiness and Overall Attractiveness


This breaking news has just surfaced from the common sense control room of The Blogging Mama Corporation…

It has recently come to our attention that fellow human beings are constantly in frantic search of lists on how to achieve happiness and attractiveness in today’s fast paced world.

We are seeing record numbers of posts in large social media outlets on how to accomplish these such qualities.

Lists upon lists seem to be surfacing on these certain sites on the subject and in addition to the previously stated qualities being sought after, there are also handy hints on how  attain these assets in a fast and tranquil way.

But what would you say, if we were to tell you there is simply one ingenious thing you can engage in, anyplace/anywhere that can transform your drab and downtrodden ways into a surge of happiness and hotness in general.

I’m sure you are thinking, “No way! Are you telling me, I can forget all of these insane lists I read on Facebook while drinking my morning coffee desperately trying to find a way to be happy, healthy and attractive in only 8 easy steps? Blogging Mama, you must be trying to pull a fast one on me…”

Well we can assure you dear reader, that what we say is true.

In just one amazingly simply step, you can change your entire attitude and appearance into one of utter bliss.

It is simple, making it easy to remember.

It is inexpensive, costing not one single penny.

And, it is contagious. Once you begin others around you will join in without thinking twice.

So without further ado, I give you- The Blogging Mama’s One Simple Step to Happiness and Overall Attractiveness.

1)      SMILE

Yes, you got it, smile. It is that simple. Even when you are feeling a bit down and out, not feeling up to your optimal allure, summon up that facial expression from the depths of your gut and bring it out for the world to see.

It is amazing what a humble smile can do for a face.

Watch how this poor shlums face gets transformed into a wonderwall of awesomeness in general with just a lovely smile.

IMG_0767 IMG_0768

It is a miraculous thing how a face can be renovated with just a smile. How the eyes brighten, the face beams and happiness somehow seems to magically exude from every inch upon the smilers face.

Go ahead, smile. Smile in the bathroom by yourself. Smile while waiting for the bus on your way to work. Smile in the grocery store at your fellow shoppers. And I’m as sure as the smile that rests on my face, that you will start an epidemic- one that gives just a little bit more of happiness to the world today.

And to think, all of this, with just one simple step.


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