The fresh soil has been purchased, the spring seeds meticulously chosen and the trays in which they will begin their life set out methodically.

Yesterday I was planning on starting my seeds for the summer growing season. This has got to be one of my favorite times of the year, as it means that soon, beautiful green foliage as well as fruits and vegetables a plenty will be in full swing.

I wouldn’t call myself a green thumb gardener, my plants are never perfectly flawless, but I do enjoy the practice regardless. Something about watching this small helpless thing grow into a hearty entity helps me realize that we are surrounded by miracles daily.

My seedling development got side tracked though with visits from Lars and Sophie’s cousins yesterday. My brother’s son, Jackson-2 ½ months old, and Hannah- 1 year and 4 months, my sister-in-law Gemma’s little darling decided to pop over.

And as it so happened I ended up babysitting these two babes, taking me away from my original task of planting.

But how could I be mad? Along with Lars and Sophie, I had the 4 most beautiful children I have ever seen amidst my home. I was loving life.

And it got me to thinking about how all of these wee humans have been evolving from the tiny seeds they once were.

Lars sits coolly with Hannah as I begin to prepare dinner. He is playing on his DS (of course) but in the next moment reaches his arm around his younger cousin and leaves it hang over her tiny shoulders. He then begins to explain to her how he is playing his game, and what he will do next.

I remember my first terrified thoughts, when holding my boy for the first time. I wondered so many vast wonders in regards to his life- but mostly I hoped for him to always be kind. And so far in his life, he has exceeded my expectations immensely. For this I couldn’t be prouder.

Sophie gazes at tiny baby Jackson in his bouncer chair. She looks at him with this curious sort of stare and I wonder what she is thinking. In the next tick I find out as she asks me if she can hold the baby. I get her set up on the couch propped with pillows and plunk the babe down on her lap.

The pride in my daughters eyes is engrossing and as she gently strokes the infants belly and leans down to give him a kiss on his bald head, I feel as though I just might melt right there on the spot. I think about how far the girl has come in such a short time. After this summer she will be beginning junior kindergarten and then before I know it she will be graduating her 12 years of school. The milestones just seem to keep whizzing right by me.

It makes me realize how fast the time truly goes in these young years.

I then recall the moment I went to see Hannah for the first time in the hospital. As I held her tiny body two thoughts crossed my mind. Firstly- I was thankful it wasn’t me that had just went through a torturing labour but secondly, more importantly I thought about my instant love for this small girl.

And as I assist her in eating some messy and oh so fun spaghetti I see her personality shining through. She is becoming a little person with her own personality and thoughts. And those first moments in the hospital seems so very far away at this time.

I was honored to be present at the time of baby Jacksons birth, and although it was only a few months prior it feels as though I have known this little man my entire life. He is now rolling over and smiling up a storm. I get to see my brother, and my best friend Ashley in him every day, which continues to make me grateful for all of the close relationships of family in my life.

And as I watch all of these children in my life grow, I smile. Like those seeds I will soon be planting I get the opportunity to watch them develop into anything they want to be. With nurturing, love and tutelage we can all assist our little ones to blossom into anything they desire.

And while sometimes our hands get covered in dirt and grime in the process, in the end it is all so very worth it.

003 wpid-IMAG0861.jpg Lars


baby 023 wpid-IMAG0741.jpg Sophie


img_7074 1529741_10152272187816068_836276745_o Hannah


wpid-IMAG0841.jpg wpid-IMAG0936.jpg Jackson


4 thoughts on “Seedlings

    • Haha yes I’ve been told that 🙂 its funny since Lars is the spitting image of my husband and soph me. People have asked us if we just cloned ourselves into miniature versions LOL


  1. This is what makes life worthwhile. When I was a little boy, my mother had me start a garden. It was fascinating.
    We now have great grand children and they are wonderful.


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