A Puddle Jumpin’ kind of day!


At first it was a clean the bedrooms kind of day. That then escalated into a scrub the walls kind of day. From there, it turned into an entire house cleaning kind of day.

But as I was scrubbing away I continued to get sidetracked by the outside beauty I saw through my finger printed windows.

The blue sky gleamed in all its glory, and the cool fresh air was calling to me. I decided to shove the kids’ rubber boots on and transform this day into a lovely outside walk kind of day.

As Lars ran down the path and Sophie hung on with all her might to little Chevy’s leash I reveled in the happy moment I was experiencing. Then, all too soon our beautiful day quickly turned into yet another kind of day…

“MOM! Look at that puddle up ahead, it’s HUGE!” Lars says and I can almost see his legs trembling out of pure excitement. Before I can even give the go ahead, him and his kid sister are on their way towards it with Chevy the dog not far behind.

It was the next moment that I so direly wish I had thought to bring a camera on this walk, because all of the sudden the path in front of me was accosted with dirty mud water sploshing and a splashing in all directions.

Yelps and shouts of joy I’m sure were heard from 5 blocks down as the two young siblings had the time of their life frolicking in the winter runoff.

And as I watched, I realized that out of all of the things that this day has become- A puddle jumping kind of day, has most certainly been the best!

wpid-IMAG0949.jpg wpid-IMAG0948.jpg


2 thoughts on “A Puddle Jumpin’ kind of day!

  1. Oh I love puddle jumping days! I wish adults had the freedom to act like kids on occasion. What’s the point in being a grown up if you can’t act childish at times?


    • So true Hilary! I think it is very important to join in on fun times like this with kids, simply to teach them that we are NEVER too old to play! 🙂 I might just have to wear my rubber boots on our next walk 😉

      You should send me a link to your new blog, so I can check it out, I’d love to take a look 🙂


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