The Headband


My dear sweet little boy made me a necklace at school today. He had overheard me saying a few days ago that I was bored with my same ‘ol jewelry and decided that he would remedy my dilemma by making me something special during craft time.

The only problem…This beautiful necklace that he made me did not fit over my insanely large cranium…


But I must say, it looks pretty good as a headband…And in addition to it being such a sweet and generous gifting from my 5 year old, it also brought on an interesting conversation.

“Mama, that looks very nice on you…But it’s supposed to go around your neck. ” Lars tells me while beaming from his own handy-work.

“Thanks sweetie, but it doesn’t fit over my head. I love it though! And I will wear it like this, (I point to my head) all the time.”

“Well, that would be great…But don’t wear it too often…Because if you do, your head might end up snapping it.” Lars replies with trepidation sullying each word out of his wee mouth. Then continues, “You know, the pressure from being around your head ALL of the time, could make it snap…So maybe just wear it for special times. Like only really really special times”

“Ok babe, I will only wear it for special occasions.”

“Thanks Mom, I don’t want my hard work to be for nothing.”

And there it is, the thoughts of a 5 year old. Although I will continuing wearing my son’s special gift…It will of course only be for really really special times.



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