Ode to the ’95 Toyota Tercel

Today we say goodbye to our beloved Toyota Tercel…Or, “Trecedes” as she had come to be known as. So I would like to re-post this poem I wrote in our little green Trecedes honor. Goodbye Tercel- you done good.

100 Words A Day


My little green Tercedes, A dependable sort of car

Not a glow to look at, but boy has she taken me far! 


My little green Tercedes, her surname; Toyota Tercel

Three hundred thousand klicks upon her, there’s no use in trying to sell.


I’d never get rid of Tercedes; she’s my first and foremost auto,

The chance that I came upon her, were as slim as winning the lotto.


Some people call her a shitbox, you all know who you are!

One day you’ll be ruing my shitbox, cause damn; she’s a steadfast car.


The children love Tercedes; they think of her as some sort of toy

Although never riding inside her, simply seeing her small body brings joy!


She takes an hour to warm up, and still frosts in the climate of spring,

When taking the time to scrape her, I realize my love…

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