‘Sick Day’ Selfie

Well we just got back from the Doctors and poor little Soph has come down with the chicken pox. 

Lars still has yet to show any symptoms, I’m pretty sure at this point the kid has some kind of crazy super immunity as he rarely gets sick anymore. 

So Anyways I’ve decided to take this day as a let’s-relax-and-watch-Netflix kind of day…And that’s what we’re doing; Lars, Me, Soph…And the pox. 

And what better kind of day to take an awesome Mama and kids selfie as we lounge around trying to get feeling better! 



Hope you all are feeling a bit better than us today, and happy Thursday all! 


One thought on “‘Sick Day’ Selfie

  1. Hi Lyndzee,Just realised who you are!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!! HA HA. Just a quick line….. to say sorry to hear about poor Soph’s chicken pox! Ugh! Its a horrible thing that……. I hope she,s o.k. Isn,t it perculiar how one is sick and the other is o.k. You just can,t prepare for it though. They all have to go through it but make sure that Sheila or your mam have had it because contact with it I think can give them Shingles later in life……. Sheila will know more about this than me. Anyway give poor Soph a big hug from us two!! It was great to see you and Jamie, however brief!! Always good to talk to you. Alex took a shine to Jamie and is already looking forward to seeing him again!! When you,ve got time Lyndsey let me have your mams email address and I,ll drop her a line. Sometimes you just click with the right person and I really like your mam. You take care and let me know how Soph gets on….Thinking of you allBron and Michael xxxxxx Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 18:58:10 +0000 To: bronia1@msn.com


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