Oh how I love you Bette!


I’m not going to sit here and lie to you…It wasn’t until I went on Facebook this evening and saw the hundreds of posts about the Oscars that I even thought to turn the tube on to watch them.

But boy oh boy am I ever glad I did!

And that was merely for one single reason…Well two actually. Firstly because the amazing Ellen DeGeneres was hosting the awards this evening which was an awesome (and I mean that in the literal sense) spectacle itself!

Secondly…And more importantly (Sorry Ellen, no offense) I almost fell over in my computer chair when seeing the fantastic legend, insanely talented, and oh so beautiful Bette Midler sashay her way out onto the stage to sing The Wind Beneath My Wings.

Check it out here:


So I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I realized she was performing…

No it can't be...
No it can’t be…
I think it is...I really think it's her!
I think it is…I really think it’s her!
"Yes, Lindsay...It is I...Bette."
“Yes, Lindsay…It is I…Bette Midler.”



I’ve always appreciated this woman’s talents and immediately became immersed in her captivating performance this evening.


Oh dear, I'm getting a little teary eyed...
Oh dear, I’m getting a little teary eyed…
It's all just so damn beautiful...EVERYTHING is just so damn beautiful!
It’s all just so damn beautiful…EVERYTHING is just so damn beautiful! No, no Bette, you are the wind beneath my wings…


And then to top it all off, Bette Midler gets a standing ovation…This is what really ended up tipping me completely over the edge.

So as I am bawling tears of nostalgic happiness, my husband is just sitting there looking at me like I am a complete lunatic.

(Unfortunately I do not have an accurate depiction of this exact moment, as I was too busy blubbering to take a picture.)

This is the closest reenactment I could conjure up…Believe me, it was much worse.



Alrighty, so now you all know about my weird fixation on Bette Midler, I guess I will be leaving.

That’s all I really needed to divulge to you…And I uh, hope you all have had a comfy cozy night indulging in your own weirdo obsessions as much as I have this fine evening!







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