My 3 year old’s eyes

 A child see’s through eyes of lucidity

Unscathed by opinions of stupidity

When my daughter is serving tea

in her pink polka-dot

Party dress, she will not refuse service

To Mr. Black Bear when he is accompanied

By the brawny Ken doll in overalls

She merely see’s 2 faces, a beautiful place

And happiness.

She sees love in absoluteness, and in all fairness…

If I were to tell her to refuse

The two boys, tea

She would laugh at me

And say that that’s just rudeness.

Because a child see’s through eyes of lucidity

Unscathed by opinions of stupidity

My daughter see’s personality before skin color

And stereotypes mean nothing to her.

My daughter is three years old

And so far, her thoughts in this world

Are the most charismatic Antic’s

I have heard in quite some time.

You see, at three we still believe in unity

The only needed quality for acceptability

Is adaptability to play lovingly with others easily.

And as it seems to me, by these

Standards, the majority of

Population of our adult generation

Has failed miserably.

My daughter does not search for power

By infiltrating innocent houses

My three year old daughter does not

Understand what judgment is

And she doesn’t give a shit what your basis is

Instead she fawns over a loving smile, a helpful hand

The upcoming miles.

She becomes crazed with joy when she meets a new face

Despite its race, sexual preference or place

Despite its religion, origin and background

Or the amount of money it has in its fucking bank account.

She’s just happy for new friends to play

And it is when I see all these traits

That I realize, my three year old girl, has suddenly raised the stakes

She has silently challenged me

To take on what she sees.

Because like a child I want to see

Through eyes of lucidity

Unscathed by opinions of stupidity

And maybe if I can see what she see’s

My fellow adults will follow intentionally

Releasing some of the need for all this greed and brutality

And instead look towards life’s beauty

So as a substitute of constantly teaching your opinion

Of what’s wrong and what’s right

Take a moment to look through a three year olds sight

And as it so happens you just might find

Your vivid eyesight, had been oh so blind.

So all I really want to ask today

Is for you to try to look through eyes of lucidity

Be unscathed by opinions of stupidity

Understand how easily we are fooled by gimmickry

And if we could all participate in this fittingly

Maybe one day, optimistically- We could all live civilly.

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