A Wedding, Some Worries and a Mic

Well the wedding of Gemma and Darren Winter, went off without a hitch (well maybe there was a few hitches…but nothing too noticeable). Upon waking yesterday, the anticipation was too much for me to handle. The hall had been decorated, the beautiful music ready to be played and the air was filled with that awesome feeling of weddings and absolute love.

Yet still I was accosted with that God-awful feeling that it would be me that forgot something which in turn would eventually ruin my sis-in-law’s day.

So unfortunately for the dear friends and family in my vicinity yesterday morning, I quickly shifted into psychotic party planning Lindsay…This Lindsay is one that makes my husband shudder with pure annoyance each time she decides to overtake my body.

But someone needed to get shit done (that was crazy lady Lindsay talking, I’m sure everything was under control without my overstepping boundaries act)…But regardless I brazenly took the job on.

There I am only an hour before the ceremony is to start screaming at the halls custodian because the divider wall that was to be…dividing, the ceremony area and the reception bit of the room had not been put up.

The poor woman spoke very little English, so there I am attempting to break the language barrier with hand gestures of grandeur and speaking at high octaves…I’m sure by the end of it she was thinking I was simply a loony, fresh out of the asylum.

After a lot of yelling and bossing around complete strangers, we were ready for the sweetheart couple to tie the knot.

I really didn’t think I would be emotional…Why I’m not sure, since I am the most emotional person I know. Regardless as soon as I saw my long-time friend and sister-in-law in this flowing white gown that somehow made her look even more stunning than usual, I was a wreak.

I attempted to hold it together as I sent the kids out of the door to walk down the aisle hand in hand, I held back my blubbering tears as I gave the bride a smile and a few kind words before she began her own walk, and I ignored the lump that was beginning to form in my throat as I slinked around the side of the audience to find a good seat.

It wasn’t until I sat down and looked upon the scene that the tears started welling. As they spoke their vows with the utmost of perfection, it was then that I let my emotions flow…But I was glad to get it out then, because the nerve racking part was still to come.

To help out behind the scenes is fine, because one can mask their terror of coming up short. You can hide away behind the curtains, and even simply veil your nervous face with tedious jobs a plenty.

But this notion was not about to help me in the task of my MC debut.

Here I am about to speak in front of 260 some people, and all I have is a few index cards with some quips on them. I was a mess.

During the break between the ceremony and reception a few of the guys and I stayed behind to set up for dinner and take down the ceremony set up. In my heart of hearts I knew we had enough time, I knew we would get it done, and the bride and groom would love it, I knew all these things….But rationalized with none of them.

I was bossing and screaming at anyone who crossed my path…People eventually started avoiding me altogether.

And, as much as I silently willed the time to just stop, so I could delay my first bout of public speaking, it didn’t and before I knew it, the hall looked magical and I was standing behind my podium looking out at 260 daunting individuals.

I won’t say that I did amazing…That would be a gross overstatement, I missed a few jokes I had wanted to say, wrangling the guests to theirs seats at the appropriate time was more difficult than expected and I most definitely stumbled on a few words.

But overall Gemma and Darren were happy, and I was able to give my heartfelt congratulations to the newlyweds.

After all of the speeches came to a close, and I was just getting used to the mic; it was party time!

So overall the wedding of Gemma and Darren went swimmingly, and although I don’t think my nerves could handle any more public speaking in the near future I am sure honored that these two let me be such a big part of their special day.


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