How to Preserve Your Happy Marriage

Thought I would recycle this post from last August…Because recycling is good.

100 Words A Day

A great deal more is put into a good marriage than what meets the eye. As it has been said; it is about give and take, a two way street of sorts.

Whether it’s been 2 years or 20, every couple needs a gentle reminder sometimes of why it is so important to keep this union of theirs fresh. Today I’ve wrote some helpful hints on how to preserve a happy marriage.

First and foremost; Always…ALWAYS lether be the star of the show.

Lyndzee 468_edited-4

Next, Allow quality time for friends…

Lyndzee 427_edited-2

Lyndzee 612_edited-2

Men, make sure your lady knows how truly sexy she really is.

Lyndzee 252_edited-1

And once you’ve finished all those thrilling activities with friends and told one another about the undying sex appeal you still have for each other, just take it all in.

Get back to the basics of life really.

Lyndzee 369_edited-3

Make sure to find that happy medium. Love tends to pull, always make sure…

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