Common Cold Remedies

So there I am, practicing my speech for the upcoming wedding, when out of nowhere I find myself with a tickle of the throat.


Oh for the love of God, I think! I cannot come down with anything now, two days before the wedding!


After panicking a bit (for pretty much an entire day) I decide to look up some home remedies for tender trachea’s. Well low and behold out of all two sites I check, the number one home remedy for irritated gullets is gurgling with salt water.

I figured it was worth a try, and tested the theory out.

Bottoms up!
Bottoms up!


'I think I may have put too much salt in this salt-water...'
‘I think I may have put too much salt in this salt-water…’
'This is bad...Really, just plain terrible.'
‘This is bad…Really, just plain terrible.’


So I go to Plan B, because I don’t know how much more salt-water gurgling I can actually take.

Second from the wretched gurgling is to drink hot lemon water. So I decide to whip up a batch.



IMG_0615 IMG_0614

It is at this point that I realize home remedies are bullshit…And I am getting myself the good stuff.




'It still is better than the salt-water.'
‘It’s still is better than the salt-water.’

And to give myself an extra boost, I decided to go get a mani to really lift my spirits.

(Please note the clever use of nail presentation…)


And well, if all else fails- there is one more sure fire home remedy that will always assist us through life’s downtrodden situations…

I love you winey
I love you winey

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