Why it is best to keep those opinions to yourself

This last month, as the temperatures have dropped and the frigid wind chills have spiked, I’ve been getting early morning phone calls from my son’s teacher directing me not bring Lars to school because it is just too damn cold outside.

The first day it happened, I was understanding and actually a little grateful since I too wasn’t looking forward to venturing out in the frosty air. But the second time it happened I was a bit irked, in my opinion it was not even close to being cold enough to warrant school closures.

But instead of doing anything constructive with my peeved nature I got on the blower and proceeded to call my Mom and tell her how ‘pissed off’ I was that the school had called this cancellation. My Mother-in-law called a little later as Lars and Sophie sat at the kitchen table eating, and while I unloaded the dishwasher I also vented to her, about these feelings of piss-off-ery that stewed within my belly.

This all happened on a Friday.

The weekend proved to cheer me up, and although the temp was still cold, we managed to have a great weekend of frolicking and loveliness.

Monday morning came, as it always has, and Lars was chomping at the bit to get to school as today was the day that he was going to be the star of his class. It was his special day- a day where one child is selected to bring in a toy for show and tell, a parent/grandparent to share in this day as well as the prize of leading the entire class in their activities.

Oh how my son was excited!

But when I heard the phone ring, my heart dropped. No, this can’t be…There is no way this is happening!

But it was happening. Another day another class closure. I kept my cool on the phone as I spoke to his teacher, but upon hanging up I grabbed Jamie who had stayed home from work to ATTEND Lars’ special day with him, and dragged my husband into the next room.

“THEY DID IT AGAIN! No school today…” I hissed in muted tones, sadness for my son welling up in the form of water upon my tear ducts.

“WHAT THE HELL!” I could tell Jamie was feeling just a dejected for our boy as I was. “It’s okay I will still take him out today to do something special, just him and I. I’m sure he will forget all about school, if we do something fun.”

“Should we tell him?”

“No, I will tell him in the car once we get going. If he even asks that is.”

We most definitely underestimated our 5 year old son that day.

As Lars and Jamie were driving, Lars suddenly realized he did not have his backpack. He then took notice of them moving in the opposite direction of his school and finally he came to the conclusion that he didn’t even have a toy to show off for his special day.

“DAD! We have to go back, I don’t have my backpack for school! And I need to pick a toy.”

Jamie bit his upper lip in accordance with what he was about to tell his son. “Well Lars, actually your school has been closed today buddy…”

“NO! My friends are waiting there for me Dad!” The child’s voice was wavering and on the brink of total annihilation.

“No man, it was too cold for school today bud. The teachers couldn’t make it to school…But we are going to go do something fun, just you and me today!” Jamie attempts to put on his biggest smile as he drives down the icy roads. But Lars begins frantically looking out the back tinted windows, for what, we still aren’t completely sure.

The tears of lost anticipation are now running down his rosy cheeks in torrents and he is gasping for air. Meltdown mode has officially commenced. And how can anyone blame the kid, he was looking forward to this day for weeks.

He then looks Jamie directly in the eye through the vans rear-view mirror and says, “My teachers HAVE to go to school today…If they don’t my Mom is going to be so piss off!”

“What?! What did you say Lars?”

“If my teachers don’t go to school…Mom, said she is going to be SO piss off!”

Jamie, startled by the boy’s colorful language, realized this probably isn’t something he conjured up on his own so instead of scolding him, he stifled a chuckle and explained gently that he cannot use that kind of language…And, that Mom will get over it.

“Okay Dad,” Lars says, while beginning to calm himself down,  “we can go do something special just you and me…But I really hope Mom doesn’t get piss off about it.”


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