The Sordid Phrases of Google

It has come to my attention that when an individual searches on Google for anything at all, and somehow stumbles upon a link to my blog, I receive, on my stats page, the phrase in which was typed in that lead them to my small corner of the inter-web.

As I discovered this information, and began reading through these sorted phrases my mind began spinning. What on earth were these people looking for? And how disappointed they must have been once clicking upon the link leading them to my blog.

So for your reading enjoyment I have decided to divulge the top ten weirdo phrases that random people typed into Google this year that directed them to me.

10) “wet pants when excited music”

"Oh this song just get me evertime..."
“Oh this song just gets me every time…”

9) “teen girls pooping and wetting a diaper”

Um...Ya, okay.
Um…Ya, okay. What exactly were you wanting to find there man?

8) “embarrassing vagina public wet panties”

Really? Like really?
Really? Like really?

7) “shit weasel pics”

Hope this satisfy's you my web searching friend.
Hope this satisfy’s you my web searching friend.

6) “female stomach”

Here you go…Oh not what you were looking for??

5) “little girl diaper poop fuck torrent”


4) “do boogers turn brown on carpet”

Does this answer your question?
Does this answer your question?

3) “wet dreams”

Tehehe..."Wet dreams"
Oops, you found me out…

2) “debonair blog. com”

Clearly they were disappointed when finding...This.
Clearly they were disappointed when finding…This.

And finally…

1) “teen with diarrhea in panties”

I simply have no words...
I simply have no words…

So what have I learnt from diving in to the insane and quite frankly creepy world of Google phrases?

Everyone on the internet is fucked. That is all. 


6 thoughts on “The Sordid Phrases of Google

    • Yes, you should check yours! They are crazy! I’m thinking I might just start a monthly segment here on the blog with these weird phrases, since I seem to get them all of the time. My mouth literally dropped open as I was reading some of them! Haha


  1. Oh my GOD..!!!!!!! How is this even possible??!!! But I’m sorry. This had me laughing quite a bit. And trust me. At about Eleven thirty at night, that’s not great. *prays nobody wakes up*
    AHAHAH!! Brill post. Just priceless.


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