My 5 year old Gamer


Welcome to my Hell
Welcome to my Hell

It all began a year or so ago, when my awesome brother decided to introduce wee innocent Lars to the Angry Birds. It was a day like any other, aside from the fact that the kid was bored and bugging us at any chance he had. So Dustin, with his intuitive way with children, handed him his I-Phone and proceeded to show the child how to hurdle small ugly looking birds at disgruntled green pigs.

It was then that the horror began.

The playing of Angry Birds evolved into engaging in computer games on the net…Which resulted in many a virus as the kid cannot read and would click upon any pop-up that presented itself. This in-turn stemmed the begging of the dreaded DS in which his Aunty Heather gave him for Christmas in an attempt to save our disease ridden computer.

To which Uncle Dustin AGAIN provided a classic game called, Super Mario Brothers (in Lars’ words Super Mario Brosers) Now for the last few months each individual in our family, from Granny’s to aunties, uncles and anyone in-between has been accosted as soon as they walk in our front door to the insanity of this video game mania.

“Look Taylor (Auntie Heather’s boyfriend) I’m already on level 5…How about I watch you beat this level.” This is Lars’ not-so-discreet way in asking the adults in his life to assist him in his gaming feat. And at first the boy’s Aunties and Uncles obliged his adorable requests lovingly, now in present days I’m sure that this novelty has worn off as they all seem to be making less and less appearances to our home.

And I can’t say that I blame them…Although I do- because they have left ME to deal with this gamer phase. This phase in which I DIDN’T EVEN START!

I have never in my life been into the video game thing. I don’t really see the point of it, and in truth I have terrible coordination skills, my gaming aptitude goes about as far as level 3 on the Bejeweled game on my phone. So when my lovely little 5 year old son bests me in an online game or rebukes me for losing a level on his beloved ‘Super Mario Brosers’ I realize the madness MUST come to an end!

He eats with the thing…

"Just. One. More. Level..."
“Just. One. More. Level…”

He hangs himself over the couch for hours on end with it!

"Hurry up and take the damn picture Ma...I need to defeat Bowser!"
“Hurry up and take the damn picture Ma…I need to defeat Bowser!”

I can’t even drag him away from it when he gets a bleeding nose from our provinces dry air…

It is forever in his miniature hands…

I think about the great adventures I had as a child. The imagination that guided my day to day existence. The pure fun of simply playing pretend. And I wonder if he will have this ability or are these electronic games thwarting his mind to be unable to play in such a way?

So yesterday with bearing these heavy thoughts in mind, we made our way out to Aunty Gemma’s house in Trochu for a visit. Aunty Gemma, Lars, Sophie, Cousin Hannah, Granny and myself made our way to the park to have a play. Once arriving we found the playground was buried in heaps of deep snow! Of course the kids ran and frolicked over the top layer of frozen white stuff easily…Gemma and I though, were sinking into 2-3 feet drifts with each step taken. I was stuck in a considerably deep one, when Lars asked to play ‘Super Mario Brosers’. I explain, whilst trying to heave my leg out of its entrapment that we did not have his DS. The boy then proceeds to say, “No Mom, let’s play that WE ARE Super Mario Brosers!”

So as it turns out we had a great game of imagining that we were the characters in this video game that previously had me so worried was scarring my boy’s childhood. Although running all over the playground pretending to be Bowser while Gemma and Lars were Mario and Luigi, was rather exhausting…It was SO worth it!

I guess it goes to show, that despite the technological advances in our children’s youth; to play, will always be an instinctual response in a kid’s life.

But…With that said, I think I will be bringing in a time limit on the DS per day, to assure that Lars will have time to exercise that imagination without a video game to distract his thoughts.

Because as I’ve said before, it is all about finding that happy medium.

"I don't need no stinking video game...All of the time, that is!"
“I don’t need no stinking video game…All of the time, that is!”



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