A List on Friendship and Junk

Friendship is a special thing. A special kind of relationship that requires two or more special kind of souls that somehow just seem to especially click…In just the perfect kind of special way…

A list on the wonders of friendship and why this beautiful thing continues to keep the world a turning.

1. Friends post incriminating pictures of one another on Facebook…Unless the “These don’t go on FACEBOOK” code was stated the night before. 

In these cases it wasn’t…

150_7299867703_2085_n 181_36120145440_1024_n 150_7299857703_585_n

2. True friends berate you for not taking a satisfactory picture on your wedding day…


And it is only then that you can get a beauty like this


3. Friends do duck-face together


4. Best friends gaze into each others eyes, whilst sitting on tractors…Lovingly. 


5. Awesome friends participate in drunken musicals, like this one.


Even when you have belligerently spilled an unacceptable amount of booze upon yourself.


6. Close friends fondle each other inappropriately. 


217826_10151178241596068_1971527518_n 574648_10151178237146068_698053274_n

7. Real friends get mad at whomever ate the last of the popcorn at friendly get-together’s. 


8. Amazing friends dress up with you as the cast of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ for your stagette. As sordid as that may seem…


And help apply each others whorish make-up


9. Creative friends, conjure up new and exciting ways to pass time…Like constructing a makeshift ‘Ball-in-a-cup’ game! 

"See...And then we will try to get the ball to flip into here..."
“See…And then we will try to get the ball to flip into here…”

10. These same kind of Friends will also concoct shots to do…These shots will later be named “Nog Shots”



11. Young friends will take selfies wearing hats, headbands and colorful beaded necklaces…And years later wonder if they could still pull off that look. 


12. Friends will show friends great ways to work out with only a table and some awesome core strength


But quickly realize the pure exertion of this plight is much to much…


13. Friends will ALWAYS catch that hilarious split second in time on camera!


14. The truest of friends will always want to take pictures with you when you aren’t at your peek physical attractiveness, to look better by comparison.  


"Ya, sure Linds, that dress looks great on you..."
“Ya, sure Linds, that dress looks great on you…”

15.  Friends play dress up together…No matter how old they are!


16. Friends photo-bomb at any given chance…


17. Friends always ALWAYS secretly judge the food you are shoving in your face…That’s just pure fact. 


18. Your friends will teach you how to walk on stilts…You only need to ask. 


19. When two friends are in a deep heart to heart beside the ol’ campfire, they will without a doubt look menacingly into the camera when you try to capture the tender moment. 


20. Best friends at some point or another will always take a photo that somewhat resembles this…


21. Long time friends, don’t care about what you think when handling your child…


22. Friends face the cold together…Like real friends should.


23. And finally the best thing about the friendship deal is that you can just be downright weird together. 



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