I blog, because I enjoy my sanity…

I tried to stop the urge to blog, but realized I have failed miserably.


It has been 9 days since I wrote my post on hiatus-ing The Blogging Mama for a while until my lovely sister’s wedding is done and over,  so in turn it has been 9 days since I have wrote anything aside from revising my MC speech for the wedding.

As much as I am very much excited to be a part of this beautiful occasion, one can only write a speech so many times, without ruining it.

And with that realization, came another- I have to write to remain sane.

I honestly didn’t realize how much stress I relieve by keeping up on my blog. Even if I am not specifically writing about the things causing my anxiety, writing has somehow become a therapy for me. And even in the short  9 days I have been without this treatment, I have seemingly went a little nutso.

IMG_0505 IMG_0506

(This is crazy Lindsay, she is solemnly frightening.)

I don’t enjoy this Lindsay. I was speaking with my Mom on the phone this morning, and even she had noticed the horrifying changes in me, since my break from the blog.

Although the house has been much cleaner than before my blog lull…


And Dora, has become a better friend than I could have ever imagined…IMG_0503

The angst of not hearing the keys clicking on the keyboard, was slowly driving me mad.


Not to mention my plummeting stats, probably had something to do with my funkiness in mood.

IMG_0499 IMG_0498

So I had to ponder, what would uplift my dragging spirits?


I got a haircut…


And as much as I love the new do, it didn’t quite do the job. Which leads me to believe it must obviously be my lack of writing. Which also leads me to believe that if I am in such a downer disposition about this absence of words, surely I will be able to juggle both the blog and my MC duties, up until the wedding day. Which finally leads me to believe that my blogging up until the wedding will only improve my performance because…Well I don’t quite have a reason why, but I am 73% positive it will.

I realize this post is a little rusty, but can I say…It’s been 9 days people!!!

So maybe I did fall short on my hiatus, but in the end I can’t complain, because if anything, this superficially small break has shown me the importance of keeping up with your hobbies and just the things that make you generally happy. Because really, isn’t it all just about finding that perfect balance!?

Well until next time friends- which probably won’t be very long at all!



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