The Blogging Mama is officially on hiatus

6 months ago I was humbled and honored to be asked by my wonderful Sister-in-law, Gemma, to be the MC (Master of Ceremonies) at her wedding. At the time I accepted with open arms and a big goofy grin on my face, thinking I would pull it off without a hitch.

Me, being the asshole that I am, did not begin doing ANY preparation for my MC duties until last night. It suddenly hit me when I was Googling the shit out of ‘How to be an awesome MC’ that this is going to take a lot more gumption than I originally thought.

The wedding is on February 22.

So as I was Googling- terms such as “The MC is the host of the wedding” “The MC is the one to hold the entire shebang together” “The MC better not fuck this shit up, or the bride will be devastated for evermore” continuously sullied my computer screen. It was then that I realized I had better pull up my stockings and put my absolute all into this.

Which brings me to my temporary hiatus on blogging.

I now realize after this devastating series of Googling events that I will need 100% of my creative abilities placed into this monumental time for my lovely sister…Not to mention she is absolutely terrifying when she is angry so I CAN NOT screw this up!

So I will be taking it slow here on the blog, to place every effort I can summon up from the depths of my awesomeness to give her and her husband-to-be the greatest MC they have ever seen!!!

Because these two people who I love very much, deserve the best on their special day.

So in ending, I just thought I would let all of my blogosphere and Facebook readers know that if you don’t see my usual 20 posts a day, fear not…This is only a momentary stall in the otherwise plentiful posts from The Blogging Mama.


And…Uh, if you have any pointers on how to be a super duper fantastical MC, your input would be greatly appreciated!

And as for you Gemma and Darren, WATCH OUT the greatest MC ever is coming for ya, to help make your wedding absolutely perfecto!


7 thoughts on “The Blogging Mama is officially on hiatus

  1. I can tell you how NOT to be a wedding MC: clean your satin shoes with a special spray the night before, then have the soles fall off them as you walk down the aisle holding your sister’s train because the glue dissolved. However, a shoeless MC did give the wedding an original twist.


  2. the MC at my wedding had friends/family members write a message to us on their napkins, destructive but fun haha. our mc also go us all to do a shot…..yeah I probably shouldn’t be giving this to you as an idea hahaha


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