Speaking Out- For The Haters

I want to talk today

About judgment and hate

But my words come out

Unrelated and lame

Deflated, outdated, jaded

And maimed.

I want to talk about

Creating a day

Where we can forget

Hatred, discrimination and blame

But I realize today, that I cannot preach

Of issues like this I am not worthy to teach

Hypocrisy sullies  my world-weary reach

Since I too am a hater; my words have been breached.

I’m a hater of teens with their tits hanging out

Worried my own girl will take this same route

I’m hating on Photoshop and all of its tricks

Altering bods for just a quick fix

I hate the debates of vaccinations and kids

Stressed from the sickness

That once we had rid

I find hatred in media

Hatin’ on fakes

Pre-teen idols

Teaching my kids

To be flakes.

I’m hatin’ on Miley and of course on the Biebs

Believing that they just need to all leave.

And suddenly I realize how much that I hate

And I think about all the time that it wastes.

I look at my babes, and their innocent faces

And all too soon my thought process replaces

Realizing hate is forlorn and pointless

Only causing condemned disappointment

So I’m thinking the way to stop all this hate

Is by starting with me, changing my fate.

I look at the girls plastered on Facebook, Twitter and Plus

And instead of laughing and calling them sluts

I wonder why they show off all their stuff

I want to talk to the strangers I share this world with

And tell them their beautiful without Instagram tricks

And as for the media, I’ll say that it’s fine

Because issues like this will never resign

But knowing full well I don’t have to oblige.

Because hatin on others causes that riff

In which we have tried to so hard to dismiss

I quit, omit

From all the bullshit,

Because hating

Will get us nowhere quick.

And maybe if I can show love before hate

My children will take after this trait

And life will get better

Whilst joy generates.

Because whether we like, or whether we don’t

Hatred will ALWAYS cast the first stone.

And eventually we will be left all alone

With only our despicable revulsion to show

So I will begin practicing day after day

To obliterate ill will

In my own world today.

Because the ending of hatred,

Begins here with me

Not needing it to be fully at peace

And then I will teach my kids to receive

Life without hatred and life without greed

And oh how beautiful it will feel to be freed

And know that this harmony simply started with me.


One thought on “Speaking Out- For The Haters

  1. Reblogged this on The Blogging Mama and commented:

    I’m feeling a little brain dead lately my friends, so for now I will re-post this piece. Definitely my favorite Spoken Word I’ve done thus far…Maybe if I listen to it long enough I will get some inspiration for something great- And I can actually give you something new to feast your beautiful eyes on 🙂


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