The Images we Face

I love Imagine The Image Photography because Jen, the owner is on the exact same page as I am when it comes to Photo shopping and fixing up flaws.

Jen’s main goal when it comes to revamping pictures is to bring out the beauty, without making unnecessary changes. And I totally agree. I do not want to get my pictures back looking like I’ve been remolded into some piece of picture perfect clay.

If I have a bit of cellulite- let er’ show.

My front tooth is chipped- Smile big, and let that chipper shine!

My hair hasn’t been dyed for months, and I am almost positive I am going gray…EMBRACE THE GRAY (Until you get some hair dye…Let’s not go too far here.)

The point is, I want to be depicted by real life standards. I want my kids to know what I really looked like, when they look back at pictures of me. I don’t want them to see some crazy Photo shopped atrocity and say, “Wow Mom, what happened to you?”

And that is what I really appreciate about Jen, she only gets rid of the exterior stuff, the stuff that can be discarded and doesn’t take away from my true self.

So Jen decided this morning to do some experimenting with a program that allows you to really and I mean really really change a face. Like bone structure, major details, the whole shebang…And this is what happened.

(Keep in mind I was shocked when she sent me these, since I loved my boudoir pictures in the first place)


Well I can see she fixed my chipper…Haven’t seen that baby intact for almost ten years now! And you know, I never thought my nose was big, until this exact moment when I realized she had downsized the ol’ schnoz.

But I still couldn’t get over the fact that this person on the right hand screen just didn’t look like me.

Jen sent me one that she did of herself, and I hope she doesn’t mind that I am sharing this on here.


It’s unreal, eerie and ridiculous that anyone would want to change their facial structure that much…As she was sending me these photos, she mentioned how models must feel when they see their already beautiful faces and bodies changed in such a way to make them look completely different. And I thought that was a great point she brought up. I guess in that business they must know what they are in for though.

Although this goes to show that the images the media puts out these days are grossly stilted, and completely unattainable. 

Now here comes the scary one…(Her words not mine, although I’m in complete agreement with her on that!)


Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but in my very humble opinion I would take the untouched photos every time…Because what’s the point in being so fake?


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