Sticky Love Notes

I am not a technology person. So when I received a text message from my husband saying, “Hunny, I may have reset the computer on accident…” I had no idea what he meant.

The kids and I were out at my parent’s farm doing some tobogganing, mountainous snow hill scaling and wintry frolicking in general, when I received this text but didn’t really think much about it.

It wasn’t until I was driving home, that I realized what dire prospects of the word ‘reset’ truly held.  It was when I walked through my front door, Jamie had already left for work conveniently, and saw that the computer was turned off that my mind began to reel with the possibility of what may have happened. And it really hit me when I slowly watched the manufacturers settings appear on the screen, with a total and utter lack of documents, photos and programs that were there before.

Everything, the whole kit and caboodle had been erased.

Every photograph of the kids, each ridiculously posed picture of Helen, every loving embrace of Jamie and I were gone. I had had poems and columns wrote that were now lost in the oblivion of wherever unbacked-up documents go to die.

As I silently looked at the 6 large icons that now reside on our wiped clean desk top I felt amiss. I dropped to my knees whilst tears flooded my ugly-crying contorted face, and wept silently (it was not silent but loud gasping sighs of ‘why’ and ‘NOOOO’ into my weathered hands).

The poor children (why can’t I just think of the children in times like these) were terrified. Why would turning on the computer cause such upheaval in our Mama, I’m sure they were thinking. Why is Mama saying the bad words and repeatedly banging her head off the keyboard, they wondered.

And they must have really became frightened when I began speaking in tongues while spasmodically mentioning Daddy’s name and thrusting my arms up in the air in an irregular fashion.

I must admit that this incident may scar my wee ones- always terrified to touch any piece of technology in the fear that they will erase ‘Mama’s work’ and get the heinously boisterous show that they witnessed yesterday.

It only took me 2 hours to compose myself and after that, I pulled up my big girl panties and began to download the programs we had lost. I Placed the pictures I did have saved on the external hard drive back on the computer and reveled in the clean and wide open space that was now my ‘documents’ folder.

There were some pretty nasty text messages to my husband in the meantime, but after my anger had subsided a little more, I apologized for my sailor-like mouth over text message communication.

The poor guy felt awful, texting me hourly while at work assuring that everything was okay. And I was beginning to feel awful for reprimanding him for this, because mistakes happen…If anyone should know that, I should.

So I found this feature on the computer that I didn’t know was there… ‘The Sticky Notes’ super cool little sticky notes (yep it’s pretty straight forward) that you can write notes to yourself and stick ‘em on your desktop.

So I begin writing a whole shwack of them…

“I love you Mr. Brown”

“You rock my world James Alexander Jefferson Brown”

“You are the wind beneath my wings Jamie”

And so on and so forth…There was quite a few. Upon Jamie’s arrival home, he didn’t mention the sticky’s, all night he didn’t mention the sticky’s, although he did repeatedly commend me for retrieving most of our programs and photos for the computer.

It wasn’t until this morning that I saw all of my sticky notes had been removed from the computer’s desktop and one single note remained in the middle.

“You are the world to me luva”

If you’re ‘pretty’ like me, I will spare you the google trip and tell you that ‘luva’ is slang for lover (but now I realize how silly it is that I had to Google that in the first place).

And this morning while I sipped my coffee and looked at my sticky love note I realized that sometimes these seemingly devastating things happen…But in the end, there are much worse things that could come down upon us, than a few lost documents on a computer.


6 thoughts on “Sticky Love Notes

  1. I absolutely would have died as I am so not the least bit technology savvy! Way to take the bull by the horns, regroup and fix it! Loved your Blog!


    • Thanks 🙂 It took a bit of time to settle myself down, but once I came to the conclusion that that things wern’t going to start getting better unless I made them, I was laughing.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


  2. I would have freaked out, too! I lost three chapters of my book and cried for hours. I think it was my six year old who patted my back and said, “Mom, sometimes bad things happen and we just have to move on, we can’t expect life to always be rainbows.”


    • Oh my gosh that is adorable! Yeah it was pretty devestating, but luckily I had most of my stuff backed up…But I can’t help but think of the few pieces that are gone forever 😦

      Thanks for the comment!


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