In A World Like This

He looks towards me, and says that I am beautiful

I want to rebut his adoring approval

As I wear sweats for pants, and the stank of toddler shit dances off my skin.

I haven’t showered today…Who am I kidding, I haven’t showed for three

Beautiful is not the adjective to use for me.

I find that my hair is up in a messy bun more often than not these days,

but I keep telling myself that that’s just a phase.

He walks closer to wrap himself around me

And again spits out the beautiful line,

That line- that line that I can’t for the life of me define

How can he find, this bedraggled person who stands before him beautiful?

The thought making me unnerved and rueful.

It must be lies

Because in a world like this, where the sought after women

Eat only steamed broccoli and the plain breasts of chicken,

I am consuming the leftovers on my children’s plates

From beef-a-roni to KD to crumbs from their cakes

In a world like this, where the women today have

Heavy make-up plastered all over their face

Without a wrinkle or blemish, not even a trace…

And mine is pocked with dots all over the place.

In world like this where the sought after women are glamorously clad

In skin tight dresses, on every television ad.

How can I stand up to the women in a world like this?

And that is when I feel his hands on my hips.

He looks directly into my eyes, and tells me

That in a world like this,

In a world that places so much emphasis

On an outwards appearance, with the menacing facade

of marketing ads featuring women’s counterfeit bods

In a world like this, where a woman’s breast

Can be transformed into a plaything upon her own chest

In a world like this where anorexia is fit

And women suffer daily from disorders like this

In a world like this, his words cut me sharp

In a world like this, “I’d rather a woman that causes me sparks.”

And he rubs his hand down the thigh I was just crying about being thickened over the years

And he tells me that I am truly beautiful.

And I believe him.


3 thoughts on “In A World Like This

    • Ya me neither! This poem is actually one that I am working on for a spoken word piece as it is something that really hits home for me, hopefully I will have it down pat soon and it will be posted on the blog, so stay tuned! And thanks for reading!! 🙂


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