Bringing in 2014

I sometimes wonder, if how one spends their New Year’s Eve will determine how the following year will carry out for them.

I remember a time when the New Year’s celebration meant picking from the plethora of parties I was invited to, getting a tad too drunk and sloppily grabbing the nearest person to me when the clock stuck midnight and giving them a big ol’ smoocheroo on the kisser.

That time in my life, seems like a lifetime ago, and in a way it certainly was. In present days, New Years means cuddling up on the couch with my hubby in front of the digital fire log that crackles and sparks on our TV and reminisce about the past years events.

However, this year Jamie was scheduled to work a late shift on this celebratory day, so weeks back I planned to write a hilarious post about my solitary evening.

I was going to have pictures of me and my cohort (Wine & Glass) having a fancy free time all by our lonesome’s. I was going to write about the wonders of resolutions and how each time I’ve ever attempted to make one, it has fallen apart pathetically.

I was even going to photo bomb my children (again) at the strike of twelve and have them be my New Years Kiss this year!

I’m telling you, it was going to be a good one…

So you ask, where is this legendary post that has yet to hit the blogosphere with might and valour?

Well…That’s the problem, I never wrote it. Instead I foolishly began reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. That was four days ago, I am now finished 500 plus pages of each 3 books. Finishing the final one at about 10:30 last night. And may I add if you enjoy futuristic reads entwined with dystopian living and a sprinkle of societal uprising this trilogy is for you!

I was enthralled with these books, getting little done in the days in which I captivated my mind with this awesome (and I mean that in the literal text) read.

So after I bawled my way out of submission, half because the thrill ride of the book was over and half because I couldn’t come to terms with the insane twist at the end of the novel I decided to ring in the New Year cozy in my bed watching a movie.

The last time I looked at the clock on my phone it was 11.43pm. I passed out somewhere between 2013 and 2014, with dreams of apocalyptic living floating through my head.

I vaguely remember my husband coming into the bedroom and giving my lips a soft kiss with the words, “Happy New Year honey” passing through the air, but what time that was at I can’t be sure.

So this begs the question, have I got too old for New Years?

I ponder it as I gulp down my coffee, although I have no real need for the stuff this morning as I am feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Finally I come o the conclusion, that I hope not. The New Year’s celebration used to be one of my favorites because it brings thoughts of optimism and new beginnings. It brings conclusion to moments that need be placed in the past, for memory’s sake only and it allows hopefulness in anything that one desires for this upcoming year.

I sometimes wonder, if how one spends their New Year’s Eve will determine how the following year will carry out for them. Sort of like a foreshadowing for the 365 days to come.  Well if that is the case, I will be just fine with reading lots, playing dollies with Soph and telling Lars about his life as a baby (some more activities I engaged in yesterday).

And when the day is coming to an end, my husband taking me in this arms and kissing me and telling me he loves me…Yeah, that sounds like it would be a pretty great year to me.


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