A Diamond, A Heart and The Jack

It was no surprise, when he looked in her eyes

And her fear was driven by pain

He yearned for the day, he could take this away

When together, they’d hold their new babe.


He kept a strong face; she used his heart as her brace

Surpassing the moment as one.

Yet he still did not feel, the pain that so reeled

A pain which compared to none.


Inside his eyes cried, tears of questions and freight

But he could not upset his strong girl

So with a gaze that was locked and soothing words that were talked

They heaved on to let labor unfurl.


The meaning of time is all knowing; sublime

And the two fighters had discovered this too

Two days turned to nights twice during their fights

And oh how the contractions flew.


He stood strong by her feet, with his body bent neat

Over hers, to take away all her pain

And although it was kind and took the strain off her mind

He knew that the stance was in vain.


The pain would remain, with harshness and maim

And he would be totally helpless

But everything changed, as her words came to range

And she spoke, “Your help is my bliss”


Fortuitously the two allowed me to be

A witness to the happenings that day

And unknowingly I caught glimpse you see

Of two people who were attached by the souls.


Eventually an infant was freed

To this world that holds prospects so vast

But first he will see, this awesome love that’s between

His Mom and Dad’s present, future and past.


Growing with love, that envelopes not shoves

Through this life is a wonderful thing

And if there is one thing I know, that I’ve learned from this show

Love and unity is what these two bring.


Great things are achieved when determination is weaved

And these two had that in stacks

And their outcome was grand, while locking their hands

A diamond, a heart and The Jack.


In dedication to Ashley, who is as deceiving as a diamond- pretty as can be, but strong as a rock when it comes down to the tough stuff. To Dustin, who I am now sure has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen, especially when it comes to his love. And of course their beautiful baby boy Jackson.


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