A Christmas Gift

As my baby brother sits in the hospital with his love, supporting her through this monumental time in their life I wonder what thoughts race through his head?

Labour is the most agonizing, exciting and beautiful thing that a couple will endure together- All wrapped up into a not so neat package. I cannot stop thinking of these two very important people, one of whom I’ve always known and the other I have come to love as the sister I never had.

I couldn’t be happier for them. I have no doubt in my mind that they will be the best of parents to this wondrous new addition.

But what engrosses my mind most today is how much my brother has matured in these last nine months. I look at him from one year ago, and see the man he has evolved into and pride swells within me.

Although Dustin and I have always been close, I could not feel any closer with him at this moment…Any happier for the amazing experience he will soon endure with his beautiful partner,  Ashley. And the notion that he will soon  look into his son’s eyes, brings on gushing tears each time I think of it.

I wrote this poem several years ago for my poetry book, A Fervour of Truth. It is how I have always seen my brother Dustin, but now it somehow means so much more. Today I would like to share this poem with you…


A comrade whose alliance has

Served me through my years.

The one in which knows my life

Of laughter and of tears.

A comrade whose young memories

Are much the same as mine.

And always stood beside me

Throughout the tests of time.

This comrade could find faults

Of mine, and tell me in a whim,

Sore feelings would be shared at times

After that, accepting them.

A comrade who works hard

Deserving all he takes,

This comrade finds his way in life

Despite the trialed stakes.

Comrade I have learnt from you,

As I hope that you can see

Thank you to our parents

Who  brought you here to me.


The anticipation of what is to come continues to distract me from my day to day duties, because I know that soon I will be given the allowance to see the same things I deeply love about Dustin, in his son…And that is by far the best Christmas present I will receive this year.


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift

  1. I have two brothers I love dearly, but my younger brother and I share something special. It began in childhood and no distance can ever lessen it. I sense this is the case for you too. What a special time for you all.


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