Thoughts For You

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The wonder of collective glow

Mystic things and Stephen King

And of course the sexy Sting


Always coursing through this life

With a blaze that burned in stride

You gave us knowledge that we could not know

Would later sow, and onwards grow.


Two years it’s been since you have left

Leaving us with hearts bereft.

I know that’s not what you’d like us feeling

Although our minds are always reeling.


I see you in your daughters eyes

Looking down on us from azure skies

I hear your words in angelic voice

“This life is yours, so make your choice.”


And once again you are right,

Once again you’ve showed your light.

So sadness I will put aside

And celebrate your wild ride.


Today Janet, you’re in our view

Your life, your wisdom- through and through.


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