A Birthday Wish For Dustin…

Dear Brother,
Remember that time I locked you in the outhouse with the stench of poo wafting into your 7 year old nostrils? For like 2 consecutive hours…I’m sorry.
Do you recall all those times I would feign crying so you would hang out with me and let me play your Pokémon stadium game on the Nintendo 64…Yes, I was faking it to make you feel bad for me, if you hadn’t already figured that out.
Bro, do you recollect the moments late at night where my friends and I would sneak into your room and draw penises on your face and ask you in your sleep what I was getting for Christmas? We did this because we knew you would tell, since you’re a strange sleep talker like that. Well you probably don’t remember that one…As you were sleeping and all.
Oh brother, how many odd and unusual memories we have together. There were moments when we nearly killed each other out of some deep seeded rage about who would get rule over the remote control that Saturday morning.
There were moments that we “hated” each other, and those were the times I would seek vengeance and do things like locking you in outhouses and rolling you down steep hills in a rain barrel. Those were also the times in which you would do things like peeing in water guns and taking me by surprise with a stealthy piss fight attack…Me being none the wiser until it was too late and I was soaked with a pungent smell of cheap plastic and urine.
But then after all of the memories of retaliation and fighting fade away as they always do, I think of the more sullen times. The times when late at night you would get scared and meander your way into my room because sleeping alone that night was simply an impossibility.
I remember moving out, and in the off times I thought to call you to see how things were going at home, I could hear the disappointment in your voice. I could imagine the way I made you feel, just up and leaving without a trace. And in those moments, my teenage rebellion would subside and a tangible feeling of sadness would come to head. In those few seconds I would miss our sibling rivalry direly.
After that, it would be several years until we became close again. Whether that was because of hard times on my part or your busy high school schedule I can’t be sure…maybe it was a mixture of both. As sappy as it is coming from me in these present days, I want to tell you I did think of you often in those younger years.
I then got pregnant with my son. You needed a place to live and moved in with Jamie and I and we lived together happily for a few years. Despite my annoyance with your drunken belligerence at times, I was so appreciative to have you in our home. We grew and nurtured that sibling bond that had went missing in those previous years. And with that bond a new aspect of our relationship developed.
In times of childhood you were always my little brother, and in most instances I treated you as such. But the more I get to know you as an adult, the respect I have for you grows infinitely. I am so grateful to have you in my life. I am thankful I’ve got to stand witness to the amazing things you’ve accomplished in your adult life thus far. You are truly a wonderful human being Dustin, and I am proud to call you my brother, my family, my friend.
So before I get rambling on too much and start blubbering like a baby, I would like to give you a birthday wish on this day of November 28th.
I wish for you happiness in your next exciting chapter of life. I wish for you confidence in those first few moments of holding your son- you will be a wonderful father. I wish for you to know no matter what, you can always come to your sister for advice (despite how wacky that advice may be). I wish for you to have a sibling for Jackson in the future so he will know the love that a sister or brother can bring…That it is truly like no other.
But mostly, I wish you bliss. Because Dustin, you deserve it.
Happy Birthday Brother, may all these wishes plus more come true.

P.S. I didn’t get you anything for your birthday.

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2 thoughts on “A Birthday Wish For Dustin…

  1. Reblogged this on The Blogging Mama and commented:

    Once again my brother Dustin’s birthday has rolled around. Rather than writing an entirely new post that will say all of the same things that I have wrote in years past to him I am going to be lazy and re-post last years post, it literally says it all! Happy Birthday D- love ya man!


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