“Cutest Moms of 2013”- Because if teens can do it, why can’t I?

So there I am scrolling through Facebook and I find this post…http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/mobile/cutest-teens-2013-facebook-page-taken-down-1.1540454

It is regarding a dismaying Facebook page called The Cutest Teens of 2013. A place where teens post ‘Selfies’ of themselves and get rated on them by “Likes”. The above article explains that once Facebook found out about this page and it’s incessant cyber-bullying on the pictures posted there, they immediately shut it down, seizing all of it’s activity.

So me being the asshole that I am went to take a look…It is still there. Well at least one page is. I cant be sure how many of these pages there are, and I am sure Facebook can’t either.

At first I was outraged. Dreadfully promiscuous pictures of teens sullied my screen along with catch phrases like, “Don’t be hatin’ Like if you like what you see…” Well maybe not exactly that, but you get the drift.  I didn’t actually witness any bullying on the page I viewed, but to be truthful I did not stay long to investigate.

And that was because I got a brainwave from viewing all of these crazy and heinous pictures…And do you want to know what that brainwave was???

“THE CUTEST MOMS OF 2013″- Because if teens can do it, why can’t I?

Unfortunately,  I felt that putting out the invitation to the plethora of Mom friends I have would be weird and possibly preditor-ish so instead, I will self proclaim the title of The Cutest Mom of 2013 to me!

Ah thank you…

But before I commence on my acceptance speech I thought I would give you a little peek at the awesome pictures I sent in…to myself, to achieve such a prestigious award.

First off- The ‘I just realized I have residual poop on my hand from wiping my kids butt’ pic.


And then we have the, ‘I’m living in the past…AND I LOVE IT’ pic.

"Hit me baby, one more time..."
“Hit me baby, one more time…”
I'm sure you Cutest Teens of 2013 are not going to get that reference...
I’m sure you Cutest Teens of 2013 are not going to get that reference…

And then comes the Sexy Mama pics…

"My hair is just so thick and luscious...Hit 'Like' to agree with me...God I'm hot."
“My hair is just so thick and luscious…Hit ‘Like’ to agree with me…God I’m hot.”
"Jook how hot I am...Even the toilet in the background doesn't distract from my extreme hotness!"
“Look how hot I am…Even the toilet in the background doesn’t distract from my extreme hotness!”
"Peace...Peace. 'Like' me, if you like peace..."
“Peace…Peace. ‘Like’ me, if you like peace…”

I wasn’t sure if the judges me, would be satisfied with just these photos of my ultimate and utter photogenic awesomeness so I decided to throw in a few of my everyday life pics as The Cutest Mom of 2013.

The tired Mom.

"Jesus, folding laundry is hard!"
“Jesus, folding laundry is hard!”
"What you think you're a better Mom than me?!"
“What you think you’re a better Mom than me?!”
"Oh God! She thinks she's a better Mom than me!!"
“Oh God! She thinks she’s a better Mom than me!!”
"You are NOT a better Mom than me."
“You are NOT a better Mom than me.”

IMG_7597 IMG_7600

"It's been a pretty rough day okay...Some bitch said she was a better Mom than...Me!"
“It’s been a pretty rough day okay…Some bitch said she was a better Mom than…Me!”
And we are passed out...
And we are passed out…


It is my daughter Sophie’s 3rd birthday tomorrow. And this- this cutest…Anything, is not the message I want to give to her.

I don’t want her to think that she must feign after ‘likes’ to be cute. I don’t want her posting pictures of her body all over the net in a vain attempt for self confidence. I don’t want her to feel that the judgment of others defines her as an individual.

This is not what I want my daughter to feel like she has to be.

I want her to be strong. I want her to be confidant and self reliant. To be happy within her skin and not need a number to classify her worth.

It is not today or tomorrow that I worry of this. It is for the days in the future, when a silly Facebook page gets created pressuring her to submit herself to this egotistical crap. And in the end all  I can do is have hope that I’ve raised her well enough that she will not indulge in the mediocrity of this fad.

That by this time she will be self-assured enough to call bullshit.

I apologize Cutest Teens of 2013 for poking fun at your little game. It may have just started out in fun- a way to show off what you got…But it has developed into so much more. Today you are passing down immoral lessons to the younger generation, and these types of things only tend to run rampant once started.

Be assured, that in years from now you will most definitely regret participating in this type of thing. You will look back and think, “Why did I need that type of recognition?” “How could I have wrote that terrible comment?” and “What were the repercussions for the actions I posted there that day?”.

As much as you may think that I am just be some loony old bat that likes to write blogs that consist of crazy pictures of herself, I am right. I know you. I know you, because I once was you. You will regret this.

So please, Teens of 2013, don’t succumb to the demands of this media trend. You are better than that.

You are smart, and you are creative, find something better to use your time with. Because YOU are beautiful and know that you never need another person to rate you to affirm that truth.


8 thoughts on ““Cutest Moms of 2013”- Because if teens can do it, why can’t I?

  1. Great post 🙂 I’m Heather and I have a quick question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com when you get a free moment!


  2. Hee hee. Great post. I loved it. In fact your pictures said it all. Why should any of us give a damn? Not sure I’d put you up for cutest mom though! But then I doubt very much you would wish for that title.


    • WHAT?! Not even runner up? LOL

      No I will gracefully renounce my title because you’re right, it is not something I truly want.

      My goal with this post was to open up some eyes of the kids on Facebook who were participating in this weird and uncomfortable page. I’ve been trying to post it as a link on their page…Much to no avail. ‘

      But I suppose that’s teenagers…Just won’t listen to reason…If you can even call this post ‘reason’ LOL


  3. Loved your selfies 🙂 That fb page sounds awful – like self-imposed Mini-Miss competitons. Facebook is out of the question for my kids until they are through the teen period. Sadly, peer-recognition is necessary for many to feel confident, but their generation tend to judge on the wrong criteria.


    • Yes I agree completely! It wasn’t THAT long ago that I was a teen and I understand the need to be accepted by peers. But with that said I feel there is many more positive ways they can gain confidence. This page is reminiscent of a teen porn page which is disgusting and what’s worse is that they are blindly doing this to themselves!


  4. love the wine guzzling pics – so funny 😆

    good point you make, though – our sense of self-worth should not depend on the opinion of others

    sadly, teens are particularly vulnerable to the need to be liked and accepted by their peers


    • Haha ya that was my favorite shoot too! 😉

      You are so right Duncan, teens are very vulnerable to this type of thing. I just hope that by the time my children grow to be this age they will be able to find acceptance in ways other than something as completely degrading as this.


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