Happy First Birthday to The Blogging Mama


To keep with the trend of my November babies, The Blogging Mama is officially one year old today.

One year ago at this time I was going through a bit of a hard time. I felt stagnant and uneasy. Although I certainly had my hands full with a 4 and 2 year old, I was still yearning for something else. I needed some creativity in my life, I just didn’t know where to look for it.

My very good friend Janelle was getting annoyed with all of the crazy text messages I would randomly send her out of boredom and my incessant need to write something, anything really, for others reading enjoyment.

Finally she advised me that I should begin writing a blog…What the hell is a blog? I thought and quickly started looking into the idea. Clearly I was not the savvy social media buff back then that I am today!

It started with A Morning To Remember and evolved into so much more than that. The Blogging Mama has become something important to me, something I can express myself through, and a place to go that has become home.

And it is not just my own blog that I feel this way about. It is WordPress in general. Never before did I think I would be able to develop these kind of relationships with other people on a website. A blogging friendship is a rare thing and I appreciate the people I have met through WordPress greatly.

Like Multifarious meanderings, I met MM a few weeks ago here in the blogy blog world, and immediately upon reading her writings I thought, “Well this is another Mum blogger I can get on board with!” She is a wonderful writer and blogger alike…And ALWAYS has the very best comments to add to a post! Thanks Multifarious meanderings, you are just beautiful, and I look forward to reading and conversing with you more in this great big place we call the blogosphere!

And then we have Duncan over at The Mad Hatters! Halarious old guy that is always good for a funny comment and a great read. I am so glad that he stumbled upon my site, and I his.

Ren at renxkyoko’s space is another fab blogger who I have been following for some time now. She is always blogging about something current and interesting, and I really enjoy reading her blog! Thanks Ren for reading and having awesome and hilarious commentary on so many of my posts!

Dadicus Grinch is a phenomenal writer who tells about his life with his two sons and wife. His stories are always so warm and heartfelt I feel as though I know him and his family well, simply from his wonderful way with words!

I could honestly go on and on with all of the friendships I’ve made over the last year here on The Blogging Mama, but I won’t because it would take forever…And it might get a little boring for you readers. But just know that I appreciate every one of The Blogging Mamas readers and love reading all of my WordPress friends blogs as well.

So from all of the dreaded poop diary stories to 50 reasons I love the shit out of you, Helen The housewife, The Selfies Trilogy, and many more I would like to give all of you readers of The Blogging Mama a big ol’ hug and say from the very bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of my life for this last year.

Here is a quick photo recap of the last year on The Blogging Mama….

IMG_0079 IMG_0032 007 Family Visit 137 Sophie 3 edit_1 155 IMG_0135 fb8 party49 a2 004_crop DSC00436 IMG_0319 Jamie s51448ca113344_9_0 IMG_20120525_104336 DSC00431 DSC00448 43625_1 imagesCA3M6FHH fb3 20130924-IMG_9939 20130924-IMG_0003 copy Lyndzee Posed-336d Lyndzee Posed-41312 Lyndzee Posed-584 Lyndzee Posed-529 1452362_10151989197611068_1401464991_n IMG_7458 IMG_7460 1451399_10153438695970436_1619375852_n 988377_10151985640875831_790668141_n 1422736_658794597485948_306281826_n 574463_10153524564590565_80512589_n IMG_7521 IMG_7534 IMG_7566 IMG_7561

Thanks again to everyone for reading, liking and sharing The Blogging Mama. I am positive I would not have got this far without all of you beautiful readers. Looking forward to many more years of blogging friendships!






9 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday to The Blogging Mama

  1. YES ! ! ! yay, thank you for the shout-out ! ! !

    And you have a wonderful blog…… funny and hilarious and soooo down to earth, no holds barred. They always make me LOL . ( esp. that pap smear, LOL )


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