The Art of Taking a Really Really Good Selfie…

Okay so I degenerated and surrendered myself to the evil spirit of the ‘Selfie’.

I got to say, I look good.

I don’t know why I haven’t done this earlier. Man it is awesome, just taking pic’s all by my lonesome.

Duck Face, Mirror slut, pretending to be happy aside from the depressing fact that I am in solitude and have no other person to actually take a photo of me…It’s awesome. I feel great right now.

I engaged in a considerable amount of research before doing my Selfie photo shoot.

And what I found was that it is all in the forethought of the picture taking in question…


1. The most important key in getting a great Selfie is to first and foremost get your drink on.

Let all those inhibitions of ‘others opinions’ and ‘looking like an idiot’ fly strait out the window.

Connect with your inner self.

Feel the Selfie…Be the Selfie.

IMG_7451 IMG_7463

2. Get that damn Duck face down pat!

If at first you don’t succeed- try, try again.

If I can stress one thing, it is this, you MUST master that pose.


3. Look remotely skinny in that Selfie? POST IT!

Shimmy that body until you can get that perfecto pose where you look at least 10 pounds thinner than what you are. Kudos my friend you achieved that look all by yourself. You are pure awesomeness.



Show all those Facebookers that you are a wild woman! You know what you want and that is a good god damn pic of your greatness.

Way to be wonderful!

IMG_7458 IMG_7460

5. Photo bomb the most unsuspecting people.

The fifth hint in taking a satisfying Selfie is to photo bomb the hell out of people. Make sure the accompanying party has no idea of what you are doing…This way you will always be the star of your own Selfie.

And, the unsuspecting persons will be Facebook famous there afterwards! Yay for them!

IMG_7465 IMG_7466 IMG_7468

6. Be as coy as you possibly can

“Oh did I just take and upload a Facebook Selfie? Ah silly me…”


7. Use props whenever possible

No explanation necessary…Am I right Selfie takers?

Oh yeah!


8. Caption, caption, caption

Finally in my quest to capture the perfect Selfie I have discovered that captioning the Selfie in question can do wonders for the picture…


“Vanity is the essence of vainness and vainness is the essence of egotism…”


“Anyone wanna come cuddle? I’m so darn lonely I had to take a Selfie…”


“Anyone want to come over and trade blouses? I gots lots to spare!”


“Oooh I’m so drunk…Why am I taking Selfies right now?”


“Well no one seems to want to hang at the moment, so I guess I’ll just write a blog post about Selfies…”


11 thoughts on “The Art of Taking a Really Really Good Selfie…

  1. I am friends on Facebook with a woman i met in Guatemala 4 years ago. She worked at our hotel. She posts grainy, just generally poor quality selfies DAILY. At least one, often times more…up to 5. What is up with that? I can get behind being on vacation with nobody else around but dear God, end the madness!


  2. You are a staaaaaar, sweeeetie pie daaaarling……. No kidding, this post will be an inter-planetary success. I particularly like the philosophical take on vanity. I’d have to be drunk out of my mind to take selfies – and then there’s the problem with recognising the woman in the picture, who seems to be a lots older than me.


    • Oh don’t you know it daaarling! LOL the philosophical part was my fav too. I can’t believe that I came up with that insightful of stuff just for a little ol’ selfie. I gave myself a pat on the back for that one!


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