‘Me Plus Three’

Anticipation can do strange things to a person; strange and terrible things…

I woke up this morning brimming with anticipation. Today would be the first day my brand spanking new column ‘Me Plus Three’ would be featured in the local newspaper, The Red Deer Advocate.

A year of blogging paid off in a way I would have never expected, when a few weeks ago an editor from the paper approached me asking if I would like to write a weekly humor column about the misadventures of family life.

“Uh hell yes I would!” Is what I would have said, if my mom had not taught me the importance of professionalism years ago. So instead I replied with, “Yes, I would enjoy that immensely.”

Maybe I wasn’t that stuffy.

Anyways, today is the day that the first column prints. I was awakened with the thought at an early 5:30 in the morning and it took all my might not to drive on over to the gas station to grab a copy at that time. To be truthful the only thing holding me back was the road condition.

We recently received a boat load of snow here in Alberta and I had yet to drive in the stuff. That first snow drive is ALWAYS a rough one.  But for this, nothing would stop me. So out to the van I trudged and fired ‘er up.

I got another cup of coffee into me to amp myself up for the two block venture to the newsstand, but my nerves mixed with eagerness was getting to me. So much, that I decided that going out in my torn up pajama pants, no bra and hair in dishevels would be an acceptable way to present myself when going to pick up my prize.

The drive was unnerving at best. Almost sliding into three parked vehicles and then slowing down to a ridiculous 10 kilometers an hour for the remainder of the journey, I was bound and determined to get to my destination in one piece.  I apologize if you happened to be that vehicle behind me that was honking furiously and waving your fist out the window at me…Sorry.

Finally I had got there! I located the area in which held my accomplishment and hurriedly made my way towards the cashier. she looked at me in an odd way, and I thought, “Well there it is, people are already recognizing me…Wow!”

In retrospect I realize that she was judging me for my cataclysmic appearance and possibly the smell that was emanating off my un-showed body, but that didn’t stop us from engaging in this awkward conversation…

“I’m in this paper…” I say in a weird under my breath but confidant kind of way,

“Um excuse me? Sorry I didn’t catch that.” The poor girl replies, obviously wondering if a crazy lady has just entered into her store.

“Me, I am a columnist in this paper, that’s probably where you recognize me from.”

“Um okay…”


Great way to represent the paper Lindsay!

The drive home wasn’t as bad, but upon arriving home I realize that the parking spot in which the van should be is much too small for me to maneuver into, making me park another block away from my home.

I may as well have walked to the gas station this morning.

So like I said, anticipation and excitement can do strange things to a gal, but in the end it was worth it.

So make sure to pick up a Red Deer Advocate today and every Tuesday to catch, ‘Me Plus Three’…Because ya know, I’m in that paper.


And on a more sappy and sentimental note, I would just like to thank everyone who has read , liked and shared The Blogging Mama. You guys are awesome for helping me get to this point.




9 thoughts on “‘Me Plus Three’

  1. Awesome job Lindsay! We’re gonna pin up a copy of your very first article and keep it behind the desk and tell all those star-struck people that we have the privilege of having you as a housekeeper. 🙂


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